And now for something completely different

In honor of the debut of FALLING FOR HAMLET by our own Michelle Ray, we here at EMU’s Debuts invited William Shakespeare to be a guest blogger today.  Unfortunately, he had other commitments, but he did send this video:

If parts of that didn’t make sense, it may help to study up on your sixteenth-century vocabulary.

FALLING FOR HAMLET is a modern retelling of Hamlet.  If you’re not familiar with the story, you can get up to speed in just sixty seconds.  Go ahead; we’ll wait.

Have you ever wondered what Hamlet would be like if retold by cats?  Could we resist presenting something with the name of Cat Head Theatre?

Interested in another literary interpretation?  Perhaps Green Eggs and Hamlet will fit the bill.

Some of us may not be as familiar with Shakespeare as Michelle.  If that’s the case, this map may help.

Perhaps to know Shakespeare, you must become Shakespeare.  If you don’t have time for a long game, another way to get into his head is to Pin the rapier on Polonius.

And finally, we’ve been talking a lot about Shakespeare this week.  It only seems fair that we let him get the last word:



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10 responses to “And now for something completely different

  1. What fun! But I must say, J, that thou art a rank hasty-witted mammet! Or possibly a puny rude-growing varlet! Or maybe even a venomed hasty-witted skainsmate! In other words, now that I’ve been introduced to the Shakespeare insult generator, you can guess what I am going to spend my whole day doing.


  2. I LOVE the Shakespeare map! Although I’m not sure why Portia isn’t a “strong and difficult woman.” And what is up with the duck in the middle of “Hamlet in 60 seconds”?


  3. Really, Maryanne? You don’t remember the critical DUCK scene in Hamlet? 🙂


  4. FUNNY!
    Don’t forget this hilarious song: “Three Minute Hamlet”


  5. And of course, The Sassy Gay Friend video for Ophelia.


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