Thanks and Wishes (a tiny post for the busy holiday season)

As the year comes to a close, I’ve decided to take stock of all that’s right (write?), and all that’s yet to come. And so, a brief list of my literary fortune and dreams.

What I’m THANKFUL for:

having a book published.

readers who like my book and email me to tell me so.

a team at Little, Brown interested in my work and in selling it.

having editors that make great suggestions and feed me yummy meals when I visit NYC.

loving my agent.

Erin Murphy Literary Agency, with its supportive stable of staff and writers.

EMU’s Debuts.

a best friend who reads my drafts.

friends, family, and strangers who came to my signings all summer and fall.

a husband who tells me not to give up.

kids who think having an author mom is cool.

colleagues who ask about my writing life.

my imagination.

What I WISH for:

that my new ideas become books.

that I find more time to write.

the ability to ignore “the suck monkey”. (see 11/23 post)





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6 responses to “Thanks and Wishes (a tiny post for the busy holiday season)

  1. J. Anderson Coats

    We all do well to count up everything that is awesome, if for no other reason than to pull out the list and reread it when the universe decides to chew us up and spit us out.


  2. Cynthia Levinson

    Such a lovely list. And, I certainly share your wishes for myself.


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