Vlogging Tips from a Newbie Vlogger

Wow, Mike. You may not know this yet, but you’ve created a monster in your Monday post Regarding Physical Evidence or Lookit, Vlogging. Forget today’s To Do List, I just threw the whole thing away and concentrated on making my first video blog and uploading it to Youtube. Always wanted to try vlogging, but never had the guts. Until Mike stepped up and showed me how easy it is. With my MacBook Pro and iMovie, it was a breeze, made even easier with the help of my technologically-savvy ten year old daughter. (Everyone should have one of those…The kid, I mean.) So, folks, here it is. I hope you enjoy it:



Actually the hard part was accepting what I look like on video. I mean, I never knew I had an eyebrow problem. Why does my left one go up so much higher than the right? I just finished revising a book where a character has this very same problem, not knowing all along that I suffered from the same affliction. Sigh. But other than that, it was a fun, rewarding process. Not sure what it will do for the writing career, to be honest, but whatever. Marketing is all a bunch of guesswork, anyway, right?

P.S. Does anyone know why the words are not in sync with my mouth? I’m pretty sure that’s not another affliction of mine.



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10 responses to “Vlogging Tips from a Newbie Vlogger

  1. Mike Jung

    That was awesome, Lisa! You’re a natural! WHY DIDN’T YOU DISTRACT PEOPLE AWAY FROM MY DOUBLE CHIN?? I’m off to pick up some bronzer…


  2. I find it fun to pick on myself. Not sure if that means I am psychologically strong or mentally ill. Mike, you do not need bronzer. You have a manly chin!


  3. Joan

    Lisa, this is AWESOME! Love, love, loved it!


  4. No idea what you’re Vlogging about… Just wanted to say y’all look fah-bulous.


  5. Wait! Can use bronzer everywhere?

    Love it Lisa! Great vlog–and kudos to the talented 10-year-old as well!


  6. LB, you are one brave lady! You (well, and your ten-year-old) made your first vlog with such aplomb. I didn’t even know what a vlog was until Mike posted his on Monday. He’s really raised the stakes on EMUs. And, you have met them!


  7. Thanks! It’s funny, putting oneself out there that way. At the same time, it brings out the theatrical side, which is really a neat experience if you are an ex-famous-actress-wannabe, like me. And if any of you want to fly out near me, my daughter is happy to donate her services. 🙂


  8. I loved the effects provided by your daughter! On my machine, your words were synchronized to lip movement.


  9. Natalie Dias Lorenzi

    I *loved* this vlog, L.B.! I am so jealous that you can raise one eyebrow–I’ve always wanted to do that. Maybe if I make a vlog, my almost 10-year-old daughter can rig something up with video edits where I’m waggling one eyebrow…:)


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