Visualizing good things, aka Erin Murphy’s Dog (the band)

Why yes, it IS another excessively long vlog post just for you! You lucky dog! (Lucky dog, get it? See what I did there? Eh? Eh? Oh wait, you haven’t watched the vlog post yet…)

And of course, if you need to watch it directly on YouTube, you can.

Visualizing a doughnut,



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15 responses to “Visualizing good things, aka Erin Murphy’s Dog (the band)

  1. Wow, I’ve avoided even the thought of vlogs (I’m still getting used to blogging) but Mike, you sure make it look easy. I found myself talking back to you (like you could hear me) and boy, it was a fun conversation! May all your visualizations materialize! 🙂


    • Mike Jung

      Nice talking to yo…wait a minute…
      Vlogging does take some getting used to, and I don’t think there’s any reason why you have to do it – we all have certain things that work better for us than other things, right? (And thanks!)


  2. C G Watson

    I’m visualizing our song (but haven’t started writing it yet).


  3. One more thing to look forward to at the retreat!


  4. Love it! You make vlogging look so natural! (Almost) makes me want to grab daughter’s toy ukulele and give it a go. You may wish to plug your ears. *Visualizing good things*


  5. Cynthia Levinson

    There’s visualizing. And, then there’s–what was it? Plotting? Planning?–you know, the work that actually made the dreams you saw come true. Seeing what you want in concrete terms is great. Even better are the talent, skill, and drive that you have to make them happen!


    • Mike Jung

      Very true! The ability to visualize success really needs to include the ability to visualize the WORK needed to get there, followed by actually doing that work. It’s only one step in the process!


  6. I wonder if I can learn to play the Uke between now and July.


  7. Natalie Dias Lorenzi

    I loved this, Mike! You all have *got* to make a video clip of the band playing at the retreat this summer…


  8. I watched this with one of Erin Murphy’s dogs–THE dog the band is named after–under my desk, chewing on a fake “roadkill” toy (a stuffed animal with a bit of recycled tire across its middle–sick, yes), so I guess SHE was visualizing what she wanted, too! I hope she isn’t as successful as you were.


  9. Mike! You violated Chekov’s Gun. You can’t put the ukulele in the video without playing it. Tease.

    More on point, I think the visualizing process works, but for a different reason. When you visualize success (and do the work – thank you Cynthia L.), you begin to recognize the opportunities that come your way as well. You also have more courage act on those opportunities.

    I call this the “focusing lens of attention.” Think of what happens when you learn a new word, for example. Suddenly you see it everywhere. That word was out there before, but you glossed over it. Now you see it. Because you’re paying attention.

    John Maeda captured this in 140 characters on Twitter:!/johnmaeda/status/6962011793

    “A simpler way to describe ‘the self-fulfilling prophecy’ is from drivers ed, ‘You drive where you look.'”

    Next time, actual ukelele music please. We’re paying attention.


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