Tara Lazar Gets “The Call”…But Can She Remember it?

I have a confession to make.

I don’t really remember “the call”.

It happened almost two years ago and it’s a blur.

But I can say the call was a tad anti-climactic.

You see, my editor had already sent umpteen emails to my agent Joan, telling her they loved THE MONSTORE and updating us on where they were in “the process”. I had a good feeling from that initial email…and subsequent follow-ups that kept apologizing for taking “so long” (which, looking back now, wasn’t very long at all for publishing—perhaps four weeks).

There was also a pre-offer email asking if I was open to making changes to the manuscript. Can you guess my response? **** YEAH!

When the call of the offer came in, I was happy, but I also knew it was coming. Maybe Joan sensed this because she tried to trick me. I remember picking up the phone and hearing a long sigh, “Hi…*sigh*…it’s Joan.” After hearing her drooping tone, I thought, oh well, they don’t want it after all that. So when she said, “We have an offer!” it took me a stunned minute to understand what was happening. I am getting an offer. Oh no, I’m not. Wait, I am! I am? I AM!!!!! YIPPEE-KI-YAY! 

(OK, so maybe I do remember the call!)

The joy lasted through several phone calls to family and friends, but by the end of the day I was already thinking…

…when am I going to sell the NEXT book?

Terrible, I know. Can’t I revel in the excitement for more than 139.7 minutes?

It seems with me that it’s always about the NEXT book. When I sold book #2, I THOUGHT THIS WAS A BEAR BOOK, I was already dreaming of book #3. I guess it’s how the Duggars feel about babies…?

So I look forward to the day when I have 19 books and counting.

In the meantime, I know I should be proud of the accomplishment of one book. After all, Harper Lee is content with one book. But something tells me THE MONSTORE movie isn’t going to star Gregory Peck. (Although I envision Danny DeVito in the role of The Monstore manager. One can dream about more than the next book.)

THE MONSTORE characters, copyright James Burks.


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36 responses to “Tara Lazar Gets “The Call”…But Can She Remember it?

  1. J. Anderson Coats

    Welcome, Tara! The MONSTORE movie should *totally* star Gregory Peck. You should insist.


  2. Thanks for sharing, Tara! But now I have to know what on earth was Joan sighing about? 🙂


  3. Danny Devito for the manager looks spot on! Maybe we should start a Twitter campaign when your book comes out. 🙂


  4. Mike Jung

    Was Joan trying (successfully) to fake you out with the long sigh? That’s a degree of sinister playfulness I haven’t seen from her! THAT’S FANTASTIC!


  5. Such a nice post, Tara. I often think about “the call” and wonder what it will be like (if I’m lucky enough for it to happen to me). It was fun hearing your experience. Keep dreaming!!


  6. How fun! What a little trickster Joan is.


  7. LOL! Great story – love that your agent tried to fake you out. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Natalie Dias Lorenzi

    So glad you got that call, Tara! Can’t wait to share THE MONSTORE with my kids. Question: Did Joan sigh with the call for sale #2, or were you on to her wily schemes by then??


    • Yes, she tried to trick me with book #2, too. Her tone sounded disappointed. And we had been talking frequently about that potential deal, so the phone call really wasn’t out of the ordinary. Once again, I was stunned because I thought it was bad news!


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  10. Tara, loved reading your story. I’ve heard other authors say as soon as one book is under contract, they are thinking about the next. It must be part of “can I sustain this.” Great story.


  11. OMG laughing OUT LOUD at the Duggar comment.

    I think it’s normal to think of the next thing. That’s what artists do – they keep creating. Great post Tara!


  12. jackie

    Great post! Hopefully I’ll be getting ‘the call’ on one of my book manuscripts one day! But still gonna be writing in the meantime…


  13. jarmvee

    I would be speechless if it happened to me! Why not dream of your next book before the first is published? I’m looking forward to the day… Thanks for sharing your experience, Tara.


  14. Wendy Greenley

    If you say the first “call” was anti-climactic, I have to say you’re trying to fake US out! Enjoy all your successes.


  15. I loved hearing about your debut! I can’t imagine the excitement. I am so ready to read THE MONSTORE. The title is the cutest!


  16. YIPPEE is right! When can we get a copy?


  17. Oh, these magic moments! May you have many more. May we all have them!


  18. Catherine Johnson

    Oh that was so fun, I bet you can’t wait now.


  19. Yes, I want details on THE MONSTORE. When can I get a copy? Congrats!


  20. Mel

    Great post, Tara! And those illustrations are hilarious/awesome.


  21. The Monstore sounds fabulous, and those illustrations are hilarious/awesome! Can’t wait to get a copy….


  22. August 2013 can’t come soon enough. Fun story, and Joan sounds a little sinister/mischievous with that sigh. Who knew?


  23. Joshua

    That Duggar line’s priceless. So totally with you about thinking about the next books, though perhaps a bit sideways on it for me… when KD sold as a trilogy I had about 10 minutes of euphoria, followed by that *oh shit* feeling of I’ve got two more books that need to be publish-worthy.


  24. I just adore this post, Tara. I love hearing success stories. 🙂


  25. Oh, we’re a funny, fickle lot, we writers, aren’t we?!! We work so hard and then struggle to hang on to those few precious moments when the call says ‘YES!!!’

    Hold tight, Tara!


  26. I can feel your excitement just from reading this- what a great experience!
    A2ZMommy and What’s In Between


  27. Hey! MONSTORE is one of those books that comes along when I think I need to get a copy even though my kids are a bit big for them. I do love PBs! CAn’t wait!!


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