The Vlog of Squee

My Vlog about getting The Call with a clip of The Actual Call included. I was quite excited. You may wish to adjust your speaker volume accordingly. 


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20 responses to “The Vlog of Squee

  1. I loved this…but I can honestly say that I would have to hunt down and destroy any existing video of me on the phone with Joan receiving The Call! I couldn’t sit still while listening to her, couldn’t stop jumping up and down and trying not to land on the dog. But it was wonderful to see (and, of course, hear) your joy!!!


  2. Thanks Peter! I’m pretty sure all the dogs in my neighborhood could hear me squealing – lol!


  3. OMG, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone having as much fun making a vlog! Your getting-the-call clip is priceless and those buttons are awesome!


  4. Laurie, this is great–such a wonderful combination of spontaneous documentary and thoughtful recap. Welcome to EMU’s! And, congratulations!!


  5. JRo

    Such a cute video – I loved it when you posted it on the BB’s and I love it again here. And great buttons!


  6. Thank you, Cynthia! I’ve been an Emu fan from the beginning and am so happy to be aboard!


  7. Oh, this was so fun to watch!! COngrat’s to you–not just on one book–but on TWO!!!!!!


  8. Natalie Dias Lorenzi

    Love the new haircut, the button, and your vlog! So glad to have you on board, Laurie. :0)


  9. Melanie Crowder

    I want a button! And a superhero mask!


  10. I love your cover too. I thought of asking my publisher to redesign mine to look just like it, but since my story is set in 1901, it probably would be a little misleading, so I guess I will just stick with getting one of your awesome buttons (and one of your awesome books!) and leave it at that. Now go write book 2!


  11. Joshua

    That is incredibly awesome.


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