What’s the Deal with the Cover Reveal?

Wow, what a whirlwind week! On March 30th, I was given permission to officially release my cover for LEAGUE OF STRAYS. I’d been staring at it for the previous six weeks (was that all it was?), waiting impatiently for the moment when I could join other authors of 2012 and present my cover to the world. If you haven’t seen it, I will grandly reveal it once more, because it was so much fun to do the first time…

When the cover first came in my email box, I was scared to open it up. My only input on the design had been a vote on model selection. What if I didn’t like it? What if the design was, gulp, boring? I didn’t have to worry. I loved it immediately, though I had to get over the fact that Kade resembled a certain vampire who shall remain nameless (turns out that’s a good thing, according to my daughters.) I loved the purplish/blue starry background, the fact that someone thought to make Charlotte a redhead, even though she doesn’t dye her hair until a later scene in the book, the super scalding choice for Kade, the spot on “girl next door” look of Charlotte, the fabulous large lettering for the title—the electrical wire running through the font really ups the thriller feel. And I would be dishonest if I didn’t mention that one of my favorite features is the large red font of my name! I owe this cover beauty to designer-extraordinaire, Maria T. Middleton, one of the best in the business, and all the Abrams staff who worked so hard on it.

How important are covers, really? I don’t really know. As a teen, I judged the title first (hope you’ve had success in finding the right one, Melanie Crowder!), next the jacket copy, then the cover, and finally, the inside flap text. If I was really on the fence, I’d read a few random paragraphs inside. If those didn’t grab me in some mysterious way, then I didn’t look further. I never read reviews. With today’s blog craze, though, I imagine it’s different for teens. Word of mouth takes on a whole new meaning.

But back to the “reveal.” I was completely taken aback/impressed/floored by the amount of people who commented on the cover, or posted on Facebook, or retweeted my original reveal tweet. I am deeply grateful to the larger writing community, who shared my news as if it were their own. In a blink, my cover seemed to be everywhere.  To my surprise and elation, it even got a design review on blogs like Wefancybooks.blogspotcom.

As for my author website, it went from a daily average of, um, a few loyal readers to 200 in a 24-hour period. (This is similar to the feeling one gets when a good friend knocks on your door and you have to invite them in, cringing all the while because your house is messy. I definitely had my OMG, is my website cool enough to handle these visitors moment?!)

In the end, I realized it’s not about promotion, it’s about capturing a great moment in my life and enjoying every second of the party. Speaking of parties, I can’t even imagine how exciting my future launch party will feel, with real, live friends to wrap my arms around. Then I can say thanks in person.


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8 responses to “What’s the Deal with the Cover Reveal?

  1. Mike Jung

    It’s gonna be an awesome party, yo. 🙂


  2. L.B. Schulman

    Only if you go, yo, bro.


  3. I love cover reveals. It’s the moment when a book comes alive for me. It’s also super fun to see how a visual artist has interpreted a given story. I never would have dreamed up the imagery that was used for my cover, and yet as soon as I saw it, I thought it was perfect. Congrats again on getting to show off a cover you love!


  4. annastan

    I love cover reveals, too, because that’s when the momentum starts to really build for a book’s launch. Before then it still feels theoretical, but once you have a cover, that book is a real thing with a real release date. So exciting!


  5. L.B. Schulman

    That’s exactly how I feel, Anna. You captured it. It wasn’t real before this. I just bought myself a gelaskin for my laptop with my cover on it so I can stare at it some more. What’s a gelaskin, you ask? Go to gelaskins.com to see what I am doing with my free time. 😉


  6. Melanie Crowder

    I can’t believe you had to keep your cover under wraps for SIX WEEKS! I am not that good at keeping secrets!


  7. Natalie Dias Lorenzi

    Seeing your cover for the first time is akin to seeing if your newborn has hair (or not), what color his/her eyes are, whether or not s/he looks like you or your husband, etc., etc. This is how the world will first view your book, and it’s a thrilling, goose bump-inducing moment. So happy to be able to revel in it with you, L.B.! 🙂


  8. I’m with Melanie. It probably would have required a liberal application of duct tape to keep my cover secret that long for me. I’m glad you did get to reveal it, Lisa, and I love it too. The only problem with these cover reveals is that it makes me all that much more eager to read the book, and then I still have to wait all this time before I get there!


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