Wicked Wonderful and Flying High!

Those who are lucky enough to have already read Lynda Mullaly Hunt’s ONE FOR THE MURPHYS know that recurring references are made to the musical WICKED Toni, a minor character with a major role, is crazy about the show’s theme song, Defying Gravity. Really, it could be the defining song for getting published—getting beyond the myriad of obstacles each potential author faces is seriously a gravity defying act in its own right.

Which is why we here at Emu Debuts are celebrating!

Not only has this amazing book made the journey from imagination to store shelves, garnering rave reviews and a Kirkus star along the way, but it’s touched our hearts. To that end, we want to show how much we love this story with some wicked partying of our own! Cue the curtain!

Laurie Boyle Crompton rocks the Wicked-wear in a shirt that Toni would kill for.

Jeanne Ryan says that one of the secrets to creating a book is learning to juggle.

Any Murphy will tell you that baseball offers a magic all its own. Natalie Dias Lorenzi enjoys the powers bestowed by a Boston Red Sox hat.

Cynthia Levinson has friends in high places, who also have excellent taste in books. (Photo courtesy of Jessica Hentoff, Circus Harmony).

This image was not digitally altered. Um, not that any of the other pictures were. (Photo courtesy of Jessica Hentoff, Circus Harmony)

Mike Jung, who knows something about super powers, demonstrates Levitation 101.

J. Anderson Coats puts her research of medieval fortress-building to good use.

Jeannie Mobley not only defies gravity, but does so in Wicked style.

L.B. Schulman Hangs onto Lynda Mullaly Hunt’s Every Word! (Picture courtesy of Annalise Schulman.)

From all of the Emudebuts, brava, Lynda! Take a bow!

And one more thing: we’ve got a PARTY FAVOR for all our guests today! Downloadable Wicked Paper Dolls of your very own, with three pages of clothes!


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28 responses to “Wicked Wonderful and Flying High!

  1. Love these pics!!! What a great way to celebrate! 🙂


  2. Laurie Boyle Crompton

    What fun!! And thank you for the awesome paper dolls! Woot!


  3. Those circus kids are amazing. I had to look at the first picture for a few minutes before I figured out the bigger kid is holding the littler one’s head! Then I looked at it for a few more minutes, amazed that they can even do that! You have some awesome connections, Cynthia. And Jeanne, thanks for so much fun in this big, happy EMU family!


  4. Oh. My. God! You guys are wickedly amazing, gravity-defying, fantastic EMus! Thanks so much for this–high point of my day. LOVE these pictures. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jeanne and everyone! xoxo


  5. I absolutely love these, but the one of Jeannie is, I think, my favorite. She is so casually making magic happen in her fabulous costume!


  6. That’s what Jeannie does!


  7. Mike Jung

    Jeannie, can I borrow your broom for a bit? Big Quidditch match this weekend, and mine’s in the shop…


  8. I love the one of Natalie in the Sox hat defying gravity with the giraffe and book. ALthough, I must admit that upon initial glance, I thought the giraffe was a slab of bacon. Also have to admit that I was confused by that. Also know I should not have admitted any of this publicly. Yet, here it is.


    • Natalie Dias Lorenzi

      Bonus for you, Lynda–it’s actually a super-sized, giraffe-shaped slab of bacon! I would have saved a slice for you, but Mike ate the last piece (something about protein-loading for some big Quidditch match he’s got coming up…).


  9. May I borrow the broom for sweeping? Mine is in the shop, too.


  10. Whoa, that WAS awesome! I think the pic of Jeannie is my favorite, too.


  11. jam93044

    You Emus are awesome! This was a terrific, entertaining post for a terrific, entertaining book!


  12. Hilarious! Great pics!


  13. L.B. Schulman

    These are awesome, guys!!!


  14. Wow! With that kind of imagination, you ‘d think you guys were writers or something. 🙂


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  16. Hilarious!!! Jeannie, I’ve never seen this witchy side of you….


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