I’m just in it for the cool office supplies

I am sad to see J ride off into the sunset to join the other wonderful Emu’s of Debuts past, but I loved her post on preparing for book signing events. Having worked in book stores for years I’m always happy for an excuse to spend time surrounded by books and book people. Thanks to J’s post, I’ve discovered yet another thing to look forward to about book signings. Shopping for new office supplies!

Right after bookstores, my second-favorite retail-type establishments are absolutely office supply stores. There’s something soothing about walking down aisles filled with my favorite type of pen (Uni-ball Vision) and stacked bricks of index cards. There was a time when white legal pads really did it for me, but these days I’m an index card and cork board kind of girl.

Index cards make perfect units of thought

I love office supplies so much, when we were having some fun with KidLit Beauty Tips over on facebook a while back, my Before and After advice looked like this:

Right now I’m at the read-through stage with my second novel for Sourcebooks which I’m very excited about. Going over a printed copy is a great way to find all sorts of glitches and for noting places where the writing is perhaps not quite as brilliant as it was originally perceived it to be. It’s a crucial step in my revision process and just as crucial is having the PERFECT RED PEN for marking up the manuscript.

Uni-ball Vision in Red for those ‘hard to reach’ edits

It’s an obvious stretch to say I became a writer because of the office supplies, but shopping for them as a part of my job description is a huge perk. Thank you so much J for sharing the happy news that there are pens in my future beyond my trusty Uni-balls. (Why can’t I get that to sound right?)

Whatever type of pen you use, make sure to mark your calendar for Natalie’s big LAUNCH PARTY starting right here this Monday. There may or may not be Flying Dragons present, but rumor has it Santa Duck and Zombie Buddy will be crashing the party.



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9 responses to “I’m just in it for the cool office supplies

  1. And, remember: all of those exorbitant paper clips and index cards are tax deductible!


  2. Oh, you should have seen me yesterday, waxing rhapsodic about index cards and new Sharpies (a 24 pack from Costco!) on FB and Twitter! I too love the pens, the paper, the cards and clips… It’s all about the POSSIBILITIES. 🙂


    • Laurie Boyle Crompton

      *high fives* Yes! It is all about the possibilities! The hope of getting everything written down perfectly. The point before the reality sinks in that it only stays perfect if it stays in our heads… but where’s the fun in that?


  3. Totally agree on office supplies being symbolic of possibilities. I have pads and pads of post-it notes in different colors, that I swear I’ll use someday to organize my manuscript into a perfectly plotted masterpiece. Same goes for the colored pens, folders, etc… In the meantime, it’s nice to know they can double as fashion accessories.


  4. The paper clip nose ring is seriously awesome, Laurie. I don’t have your passion for office supply stores, but I do tend to leave them with more than I intended to get when I go in. So I imagine I could learn to love them. But I think it’s one vice I can live without, so I don’t think I’ll make the effort.


  5. Mmm, Post-It Notes…. Also, any kind of office storage unit gets my heart beating a little faster. 🙂


  6. J

    August is one of my favorite times of the year. Three words: sales at Staples.


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