The Why of this Madness

For any readers unfamiliar with our format, here at Emu’s Debuts we follow each Monday post with a reaction post on Wednesday. My immediate reaction to Tara’s post about constantly looking to the NEXT book is a hearty, “I hear you, Sister!”

Like Tara, I am in the blessed position of having three books sold. And guess where my thoughts are focused much of the time? That’s right. On summer vacation and getting my tan lines evened out. But also: on book four. (And five and six for that matter, but those characters only harass me when I’m really tired.) Why is it that sharing three novels with the world does not feel like nearly enough? Do I really have that much to say? Well, the short answer to that is, ‘Yes, as a matter of fact. I do.’

But more than that, and just like Tara, I feel the longing to continuously strive to write better. To come closer to that perfect story that is in my head. To get my heart out on paper and write a book that will behave, rather than meander into something so different from my initial intentions. Or perhaps it is that meandering that draws me. That constant discovering of where the true story lies. Allowing the characters to guide me as they whisper their hopes and dreams in my ear. Or maybe it’s a mental imbalance of some sort and I should just take up drinking – who knows.

I do know that I still get excited every time I sit down to the keyboard. Even when I have a million other things I should be doing, writing makes everything better. (Actually, writing makes my house a wreck and ravages my social obligations, but it does make ME better.) I love that surreal feeling of ideas falling into place. That out-of-body experience that comes from creating a world that’s so real it must be shared. That hope of connecting with readers in the way that authors touched my life as a teen. Writing gives me so much, I’ll continue on with or without a contract (or three). As long as the next book draws me and pushes me and challenges me and scares me, I’ll keep writing it. And the next and the next. And after that, we’ll see – maybe I’ll give drinking a try.

Thankfully, writing is a portable profession. This is where I work when my family stays at our trailer in New Paltz, NY.



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4 responses to “The Why of this Madness

  1. I so admire your prolificness, Laurie!


  2. Laurie, you have a vacation trailer? That’s so cool! Also, New Paltz is one of my very favorite places–beautiful area, and lots of great food. Have you tried Big W’s BBQ in Wingdale? Best chicken on the planet!

    Also, like Cynthia, I’m in awe that you have three books already sold and can’t wait to actually start READING them!


    • Laurie Boyle Crompton

      I loooove New Paltz! Seriously very favorite place. Will have to try Big W’s – always up for good eats and a food rec from you carries extra weight.
      Can’t wait to read your work too!! And let me know if you’re ever headed back to the Gunks! We’re going to Minnewaska for a swim today – woot!


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