Hitting Mud (or how NOT to make a book trailer)

The last time I posted here at EMU’s I mentioned that gap that separates the perfect book that begins in our minds to that flawed yet undeniably entertaining book that eventually finds its way into the world. Yeah, that.

Lots of things in publishing (and life) work out that way, including this blog post. You see, I’ve had this date in my calendar for some time and this entry was SUPPOSED to be about Book Trailers. It was going to feature the premiere of my completely amateur yet hilarious book trailer for BLAZE. The book trailer was going to involve the use of a pink wig and a faded Spiderman suit and it was going to be amazing.

Hello August 27. I have not even begun working on that trailer.

In Madrid playing around with a corpulent Spidey.

In Madrid playing around with a corpulent Spidey.

I still have ideas in my head for making this quirky trailer that will perfectly suit my book and that will be enormously popular among my friends and relatives. I still plan on making it. But I’ve had to adjust to the fact that it will not be made by August 27th. Clearly. Also there’s a good chance it won’t be as amazing as it is in my head. Because it is seriously freaking amazing in my head.

This summer has been chock-full of hiking and traveling and writing (not to mention participating in fun book release parties!) and that book trailer sort of fell off the map. It happens. I finally gave up on getting author photos taken, too, and instead thrust a camera into The Best Mate’s hands on a day that my hair looked pretty good. We do what we can. My plans for ushering BLAZE into the world with grace and skill are not going perfectly. Heck, there’s a decent chance that bookmarks and postcards Might Not Happen *gasp* although I’m determined to make buttons with the new cover at some point. (You may recall I do love making buttons.)

Where promotions are concerned, it seems that there is always more that can be done. I’ve been invited to speak at a local high school and despite the fact that I love talking to teens, the thought of doing it as an author quite frankly stresses me out. I’ve been distributing ARCs like a pro, but my blogging has dissolved into random outbursts of ‘Lookit a Giveaway!’ and ‘Squee ARCs!’ I haven’t tweeted in ages. After dreaming about getting a book deal for so long I somehow thought I’d just be naturally great at all this stuff. Or at least manage to put together a decent book trailer in a timely manner.

The messy reality of my promotional plans reminds me a bit of a recent Jeeping expedition. This is what the Jeep and I looked like before hitting the trails:

And this is what we looked like after:

This is what we looked like after

Isn’t the before me just so innocent looking? So pure and naive seeming? So… CLEAN!

And just look at that after photo. Things didn’t go at all the way we’d planned and the Jeep broke down from ingesting too much mud and we had to be pulled out of a pit by the winch. We got completely covered in mud and you can’t see it in the picture but there are huge clumps of it in my hair. But… just look at how happy that jeep and I both look. We’ve been on an adventure. We went for it!

The road to publication is turning out to be this sort of adventure. Everything is messier and more overwhelming and yet more fun than I could’ve imagined. There’s no way of knowing what the trail ahead will be like. We must leave our comfort zones and put ourselves out there and be willing to get a little muddy. Or occasionally very muddy. With or without book trailers and bookmarks and buttons, we’re hitting the gas and going for it!

In the midst of all the joy and celebration of these wonderful book launches it’s easy to let go of the perfect ideal in exchange for the messy and muddy and beautiful reality of a really great ride.



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11 responses to “Hitting Mud (or how NOT to make a book trailer)

  1. Ah yes, The messy beauty of reality. Rarely expected but often more fun in the end. I loved this post. For those of us looking to be published, it’s good to know that it’s not all lollipops, rainbows , and book signings. Love the Jeep pictures!


    • Laurie Boyle Crompton

      Thanks Tracy! And haaa on the lollipops and rainbows – it is important to note that a book contract does not stop Laundry Happening either.


  2. Laurie, you already have ARCs? When do I get to see one?? 🙂


  3. My father used the word “adventure” for that kind of situation. And in the truest form, my path to publication has been an adventure, and one that is going to continue to have its mud baths as I try to promote. But here’s the thing, Laurie–you look GREAT in both those pictures. And you are so photogenic, I’m sure it isn’t hard to get a great author shot. (I got mine professionally done in the LONG weeks of waiting between the “We are going to make an offer,” and the offer, which was prolonged do to “out of the office” issues with lots of people at my house. Getting authors shots, me website, planning this blog…those are the things that kept me sane while waiting!


  4. Kind of reminds me of the subtitle to “Doctor Strangelove” : “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mud”. No? That’s not it? Bravo to your great attitude! Keep enjoying the adventure! 🙂


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