It’s the HENRY FRANKS Weeklong Launch Party Hootenanny!

HENRY FRANKS at the Flux booth at ALA12

Look at the publisher love for HENRY FRANKS at ALA12! They made a poster, for crying out loud!

Hey there devotees of the Emu, it’s time to launch another sterling debut book into the world – it’s Peter Salomon‘s creeptastic, Frankenstein-inspired, downtown-thrillville horror novel HENRY FRANKS! Henry, world, world, Henry. I got my first taste of Peter’s take on tampering with the laws of nature at the 2012 American Library Association conference, where HENRY FRANKS was prominently featured at the Flux booth, where I also heard a slew of enthusiastic talk about Peter and his book.

Among the book launchish delights ahead are interviews with Brian Farrey-Latz (a.k.a. Peter’s editor at Flux), Lisa Novak (a.k.a. the HENRY FRANKS cover artist), and Ammi-Joan Paquette (a.k.a. Peter’s agent, my agent, and the best agent in the world except for Erin Murphy and Trish Lawrence who are tied with Joan), and a post about Frankensteinish food. However, we’ve chosen to kick off the week’s festivities with the silliest and least informative portion, a new video clip featuring Zombie Buddy and Santa Duck. Err, sorry?


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17 responses to “It’s the HENRY FRANKS Weeklong Launch Party Hootenanny!

  1. That was so great, Mike!!

    Happy release week, Peter! Looking forward to seeing what’s to come!


  2. Yay, Release week for HENRY FRANKS!!!!! I’m so happy for Peter. Even if I am a little hurt by what Zombie Buddie said. *sniff*


  3. Another fine performance from my favorite stuffed-animal/zombie book promoters! And another fab release from the Gango. Congrats, Peter!


    • Mike Jung

      I think Peter’s on the verge of big things. You’d think the crazy-high quality of the EMU books would dip at SOME point, but nope, it hasn’t at all.




  5. L.B. Schulman

    This really summed up the cool, creepiness of Henry Franks. It’s an awesome book! However, I would like to ask Santa Duck what his favorite book is….and duck confit is definitely something I could be in the mood for. See I am learning how to be creepy from Henry Franks already…..


  6. Laurie Boyle Crompton

    Santa Duck and Zombie Buddy rock! If all stuffed animals could be this entertaining, the world would be a happier place. 🙂
    Congratulations, Peter!!


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  8. Natalie Dias Lorenzi

    Hooray, Peter! And hooray to zombie and Santa Duck for another entertaining EMU review. 🙂 This book *is* perfect for Halloween, or any time, really. Go out and read it, people!!


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