And the winner is…

Nerve champions

Thank you everyone for participating in our blog on blog dare challenge last Friday with the FridayTheThirteeners. We had a blast and hope you did too. Now, you probably want to know which blog won this heated, epic battle. Well, wonder no more. After days spent in a smoky room with only Mountain Dew and Twinkies to sustain them, the High Council on Authors Making Idiots of Themselves could not break the deadlock, and hereby deem it a tie.

Although the overall challenge ended in a dead heat, we here at EMU’s Debuts wanted to take a moment to recognize our opponents and award the one we thought showed the most nerve in their dare.

  • For outstanding concept and production, and for inspiring their actors to dig deep for their performances: Ellen Oh and Elsie Chapman!
  • For introducing a whole new generation of girls to He-Man’s hair bangs: Kasie West!
  • For showing us that great literature can make even sprinkles appear menacing: J.R. Johansson!
  • For rocking a foreign language and pig nose with perfect aplomb: Alexandra Duncan!
  • Finally, for donning orange makeup that probably left a tinge for days, and keeping a straight face while she scared us away from carrots for life, the video we feel took the most nerve was: Mindy McGinnis!

One last item to wrap things up. The lucky commenter who won a signed copy of NERVE is mfantaliswrites! (If your email isn’t accessible via your wordpress ID, please contact: jamr88 at gmail dot com.)



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2 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. Hooray! I’m so excited! It was a great launch week and my kids and I can’t wait to read Nerve. Thanks so much, EMUs and 13ers!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Well earned, Mindy! Hope the orange paint has come off completely by now.


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