It’s blastoff time for LEAGUE OF STRAYS!

LEAGUE OF STRAYS by L.B. SchulmanThe 2010 San Francisco North & East Bay SCBWI Conference was a pretty big deal for me – I got to meet two people who’ve become increasingly important to me since then. The first was my fabulous agent, Ammi-Joan Paquette, of whom much has been said on this blog. The second was the author whose razor-sharp literary debut we’re celebrating today, Lisa Schulman, aka L.B. Schulman.

I knew I was gonna like Lisa right away, if only because she came right up to me and introduced herself – I like that, you know? Takes the heat off of introverted little me. I’d accepted Joan’s offer of representation mere weeks before, so it was very gratifying and just kind of cool to know that Lisa and I spanned the full chronological breadth of Joan’s list (which has grown since then, of course).

We’d both very recently landed our book deals, our books ended up sharing the same official release date, and of course we’re both among the charter members of the EMU’s Debuts blogging community. It’s been a privilege to have a comrade like Lisa during this journey,  and those of you who also know her are well aware how lucky we are to count her among our friends.

So, it’s my great pleasure to kick off this, our week-long celebration of the pyrotechnic explosion of YA excellence known as LEAGUE OF STRAYS. We’re dealing a full deck of thought-provoking discussion, examinations of craft, and industry insight. We’re also giving away a signed copy of LEAGUE, and it’s easy-peasy, yo: just leave a comment on any post this week and you’re in. So easy, right? We shall now begin with something brand-spanking new: a Zombie Buddy/Santa Duck vlog clip that features, for the first time ever, a guest star! Who is it? Hint: he has great hair.

Buy LEAGUE OF STRAYS at IndieBound, Book Passage (Lisa’s local independent bookstore, you can order a signed copy there), Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.


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20 responses to “It’s blastoff time for LEAGUE OF STRAYS!

  1. Yippee for League of Strays, and for the return of Santa Buddy and Zombie Duck. Or, er…what are their names again? I was so distracted by Kade’s great hair that I couldn’t concentrate on the other two.

    A great start to what is going to be a GREAT week, welcoming League of Strays into the world!


  2. L.B. Schulman

    Mike, this was too funny. I forgot all the beautiful subtleties of plot and character in that future award winning short. My teen daughter watched it and said, “That’s playtime for adults.” Think she now get what we authors are made of. Thank you for this great post!


  3. Hooray for League of Strays!


  4. Awesome! Santa Duck seems to have gone through some sort of hormonal voice-changing experience, but I’m glad Zombie Buddy has such a good friend looking out for him!! Love those two 🙂
    And YAY for League of Strays being out in the world! Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy!!


  5. Best wishes to you both, Lisa and Mike. I won’t say ‘good luck,’ because luck has less to do with it. I just know you’re both headed for a great flight.


  6. Cynthia Levinson

    Lisa, I’m so glad your terrific book is out in the world! The premise, the characters, the suspense–they’re all movie-worthy!


  7. L.B. Schulman

    Thanks, everyone! Who would play Kade in the movie? I guess we’d have to go with Robert Pattinson, wouldn’t we? One can dream….




  9. Kade adds a whole new dimension to the Santa Duck and Zombie Buddy video. You may need to cast him as a regular. Happy launch week, Lisa!


  10. Natalie Dias Lorenzi

    Santa Duck was obviously threatened by Kade’s great hair…what’s under Santa Duck’s hat anyway? Has anyone ever seen him with out it?? I’m suspecting some kind of toupee…

    *My* hat is off to L.B. and LEAGUE OF STRAYS!


  11. Hooray for the LEAGUE! Here’s to a fabulous launch week–I can’t wait for all the behind-the-scenes goodies!


  12. Hooray!! I couldn’t POSSIBLY be any happier for Lisa who is launching her page-turner of a book! Congrat’s, my friend. 🙂


  13. Zombies and duckies and sociopaths, oh my!
    Happy debut, Lisa!


  14. L.B. Schulman

    Thanks, everyone! What a fun way to kick-off the week! Mike, you should trademark zombie and duck before it’s too late. They are going to be big stars. Bigger than the Muppets, even.


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