Confessions of a Next Book Addict

monstoresmallcoverWhen you’re told in 2010 that your first book will be released in 2013, you imagine it’s so far off in the future, you’re sure to have a robot butler and a flying car by then. Sadly, I’m still pouring my own tea and my Honda remains on terra firma.

But, it’s my debut year–finally! My book is less than five months away. It’s already up on GoodReads and Amazon, ready to be marked “want to read” and pre-ordered. I’ve had conference calls with Aladdin marketing and publicity, and I’ve learned that the books will be in the warehouse on April 29th. I should have them in my hot little hands by early May.

And yet my focus now isn’t on this book. It’s on THE NEXT BOOK.

It seems unfair, all the anticipation leading up to this book and I’m worried about my next sale instead of THE MONSTORE’s release.

But here’s the thing–I always intended on having a career, and a career means a steady stream of books, for if a child loves THE MONSTORE, they’ll hopefully visit other Tara Lazar titles on the shelf.

I do have two more picture books under contract, and I penned an essay for a YA anthology called BREAK THESE RULES, so I should be able to relax a bit, right? No, I can’t.

Before I ever got a publishing contract, I imagined myself as a different person once I signed on the dotted line. More confident, somehow. I’d walk down the street holding my head a little higher. But hey, I’m still the same person, and as I will remind you, the same person without a nuts-and-bolts Jeeves. I’m still insecure about my writing, I still cringe at rejections, I still pine after the next book contract like I never had a book contract in the first place. It’s THE NEXT ONE that’s important, as it sustains my career a little further into the future.

I need Cher to slap me outta it, to tell me to enjoy this time. But I can’t stop thinking about the books I have on submission, the stories that I’m revising, and the next big idea that hasn’t hit me yet. (When is it coming, muse? I’m waiting!) And of course I think about all the deals I see crossing the wire—deals that aren’t mine. And I get upset.

Gosh, I’m confessing a lot. And yet, I don’t think I’m so strange. I’m ambitious. There’s worry wrapped up in that, there has to be. If you’re overly confident you don’t try as hard, right? You think everything should come easily. And obviously, it doesn’t.

And it shouldn’t. The stories that are worth reading are the ones we have slaved over to ensure they’re the best they can possibly be.

So I keep working toward the next sale, the next contract. Because I’ve got two books in 2013, two slated for 2014, but right now 2015 remains a blank. If I want to be able to afford that electronic servant, I’d better get something new signed!

In the meantime, so I don’t completely shirk my marketing duties, would you mark THE MONSTORE “want to read” on GoodReads? Thanks. I can check something off my promotion list now!



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11 responses to “Confessions of a Next Book Addict

  1. Great post! I’ve had The Monstore marked “to read” for a while and can’t wait til it hits The Bookstore. Only 5 months!!! Fun! Fun! Fun!

    I like that you’re going for the career! But try to enjoy the moment, too! And all that stuff you said about how you imagined yourself after you signed on the dotted line…I have to admit, I’ve thought that’s how I might feel if I ever touch a pen to that dotted line 🙂 But I hope to have books…not book when I finally get there! So thanks for the insight!


  2. MONSTORE is definitely on my to-read list! And boy, can I relate to this. Hopefully that means we’re destined to be more than one-hit wonders. 😉


  3. Unfortunately, robot butlers are really not worth the trouble. Too many minor breakdowns, usually over something trifling like post-dynamic transistor couplings and don’t even get me started on the whole ‘hospital corner’ thing on the sheets, that robot maid is simply useless unless constantly supervised…and who has time for that what with the kids always playing pranks on their robot nanny and the wife out ogling the robot pool boy…I’m telling you, the future is simply not what I expected. Thankfully, Astro and I can hop on the old treadmill whenever we want and that flying car is a godsend. But if I’m being really honest, I sort of kind of hate selling sprockets…


  4. Laurie Boyle Crompton

    Thanks for another great post, Tara. I’ve been complaining for years that I grew up watching the Jetsons and want my Rosie Robot already! *stupid Jetsons*
    And I’m completely with you on being focused on future books. I like to think it’s because creating something new is still the most awesome part of this author gig. Also, I’ve heard that the very best thing we can do to promote our books is to release new books. So really, it all counts as promotion. Continuing to write is my favorite way to enjoy the journey. 🙂


  5. Tara, checked it off as “want to read” on Goodreads, and I very much appreciate your honesty in this post. Don’t forget that you must balance promotion and marketing with the writing. You want your first books to be a success so that publishers will want your other books. It’s a crazy business but I know you’ll be successful in it. You just have to enjoy each little good thing that happens and not worry about the next contract. It will come.


  6. Really try to sit back and take it all in, if only for a few seconds at a time. It would be a shame not to pat yourself on the back now, just a little. There’s that moment when you can open your book and smell the pages for the first time. The first time people want their picture taken with you, the real author. Enjoy being a real author! You deserve that little indulgence.


  7. I so relate! Still, I hope you can enjoy your present success and write for the future at the same time.


  8. Congratulations, Tara, on your successes so far. You should feel confident that your career will continue to thrive, because you’ve obviously got what it takes and the drive to make it happen.


  9. Totally relate to this. My problem is I always tell The World when I sell a new book–and a month later people start asking me if it’s out yet. My next one is still languishing with my publisher and it’s going on two years. Sigh. But your book looks awesome. Cute cover!


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