Auto-Correct Texts: Funny and Embarrassing EMU Moments

In Laurie Boyle Crompton’s debut BLAZE, Blaze’s friend takes a photo of her while they’re goofing around trying on lingerie and she sends it to Blaze’s crush. (Uh-oh!) Later on, the crush dumps Blaze and she retaliates by drawing a comic that outs him as a total man-whore. His reaction is to post her ‘sext’ photo which then goes viral. She ends up getting “slut shamed” by her peers and hilarity ensues. (Yes, despite the heavy topic, the book is still funny and upbeat!)

So today we polled EMU members to see if they’ve had any embarrassing texting moments. Who doesn’t love the automatic humor of auto-correct texts?

Laurie Boyle Crompton:
One time my phone auto-corrected my “xoxo” to my husband to say “I love you Xbox.” He immediately responded with, “I love you too Atari.”

Also, I once accidentally sent a text about a gathering to someone who wasn’t invited. When they wrote back that they didn’t know about it I pretended that their invite must have slipped through he cracks. It worked out for the best that they couldn’t make it on short notice since it would’ve made for a really awkward combination of people but I wasn’t about to tell them the text was a mistake and they weren’t invited!

Years ago when “text speak” was still new we had a friend who thought LOL meant “Lots of Love”. They wrote a heartfelt message consoling another friend over the death of a loved one and ended it with LOL!

Pat Zietlow Miller:
I work in corporate communications. In a former job, spell check would always suggest changing the name of one of our employees to “Party Dynamo”.

Carol Brendler:
When someone posted a photo of a snow Totoro I typed the comment “a Snotoro!” Which was corrected to “a Snot pro!”

Laurie Thompson:
My husband’s name is Bernie, but I usually call him Hon (short for Honey). Once while I was on a trip to NY with girlfriends, he got a little worried and jealous. I tried to send him a nice “I love my Hon!” text to reassure him, but it auto-corrected to “I love my John!” Luckily, he had a good sense of humor about it and we both had a good laugh.

Tara Dairman:
I may once have called my significant other “pookie” in an e-mail that I thought was just going to him, but that actually cc’d all his siblings and their spouses. We didn’t hear the end of that one for a while.

I may also have sent out wedding save-the-dates by e-mail, and accidentally included someone from my address book who had the same first name as a family member, but whom we were not actually planning to invite to the wedding. Oops!

On a more literary note, I may have recently contacted a couple of fellow EMLA clients by e-mail to request autographed books for a gift…and accidentally hit send on one e-mail when I was only halfway done changing all the “Trent”s and “Stealing Air”s to “Jen”s and “The False Prince”s. Luckily, EMUs are an understanding lot!

Jeannie Mobley:
Not an auto-correct text error, but one of the most interesting papers I ever graded is one where a student summarized the entire plot of HAMLET, except he had used the “change all” function in his word processor spell check and replaced Hamlet with PIGLET throughout the document, so it ended up as a bit of a Winnie-the-Pooh/Shakespeare mash-up in my mind. My favorite part was where Piglet stabbed Polonius through the curtain. I think Eyore might have been playing Polonius.

OK, so what about me? Well, I am a cell phone luddite. I’ve actually never texted. (GASP! SHOCK! HORROR!) But never fear, I collected a funny one from a friend…

My friend’s elderly mother was hospitalized and someone commented “I hope your dead mother comes home soon”. Of course they meant “your dear mother”.

Can’t get enough of the texting humor? Check out When Parents Text!

And be sure to check out BLAZE, too! Just two days till its launch!

And let’s continue the fun–leave your funny texting moment in the comments!


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15 responses to “Auto-Correct Texts: Funny and Embarrassing EMU Moments

  1. I’ll never think of HAMLET–or Piglet–the same!


  2. My future mother-in-laws name is Patty and my phone is constantly changing her name to Party. So I can empathize Pat!


  3. I have problems with my hand NOT having auto-correct. Today I was taking notes at a meeting and instead of writing “leverage the brand,” I wrote “leverage the bland.”


  4. Mike Jung

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… I think “Party Dynamo” is my favorite!


  5. One time I texted my friend to “Google cat breading.” While I spelled it correctly, she read “Google cat BREEDING.” She and her boyfriend spent three and a half minutes watching a terribly awkward and terribly scientific video of two cats getting it on . . . and questioning their friendship with me.


  6. Haaa! Googled cat breading images and now I think I need a cat!!!


  7. You guys are hilarious! I love this post!


  8. I want to see a snow Totoro!


  9. Thanks for the laugh on the Piglet/Hamlet story. I laugh easily, but I can get positively giddy on reading those autocorrect mistakes online.


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  11. I’m impressed that you all were willing to share this errors so publicly! Me, not so much, even though I have a few!


  12. I thought Party Dynamo was funny, Cat Breading’s very silly, but Hamlet as Piglet made me laugh out loud.


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