To Party or Not to Party

If you read my last post about balance being overrated, you kinda know I’m not the most organized person. Honestly, I’m a slob. I never make my bed. My childhood philosophy–that I was just going to roll back into it a few hours later–remains ample justification for rumpled sheets as an adult. Plus, I hate planning things. In fact, my daughter’s birthday was in March but her party will be held in May. “Domestic Goddess” is not a term that applies to me. (Unless you’re talking about my cooking. But I digress…)

So when it comes to a book launch party, I’m of the opinion that skipping it would be a huge relief. Nothing to plan. No venue to select, no decorations to arrange, no beef/chicken/fish decision, no favors to create, no RSVPs to field.

ohtheplacesyoullgofabricAnd yet, my writing pals say, “But you only debut once! You deserve the celebration!” Really? Can we make this like a wedding shower instead? I’ll pick a bookmaid of honor and she’ll take care of everything and surprise me. All I’ll have to do is arrive and appear shocked and humbled. In a cute dress. I mean, I’ve already picked out the fabric! Adorbs, right? It’s DR. SEUSS FABRIC! Oh, the parties you’ll go!

I should mention here that I eloped. Yep. We hired “Just Maui’ed” in Hawaii and just showed up. Easy, peasy.

Book launch party? Nothing peasy ’bout it.

The best book launch idea I’ve come up with is the AUTHOR ADVENT CALENDAR. You get a piece of chocolate every day until your book is released. Genius, right? OK, I’m done!

So all this  avoidance was going well until my husband, oh wise husband (remember, the one who agreed to elope), said, “But the book launch party  isn’t FOR YOU. It’s for all the people who helped you  get published. All the people who helped us out when you got sick, too.”

alanpicOMG. HE’S RIGHT.


So guess what?

I’m in planning mode. And, it’s not so bad!

In fact, I discovered A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe this weekend and the amazing cookies they made for CREEPY CARROTS. OMG, I want MONSTORE COOKIES!

There’s a gorgeous restaurant less than a mile from my house, with a sweeping terrace overlooking a golf course. The catering manager said they can work with our budget to create a menu of  hors d’ouvres and kiddie-friendly finger foods.

And yes, there just might be karaoke. (Sorry, golfers.)

It is time for me to give back to everyone who helped me get where I am today. I may not make my bed, but I can sure sleep soundly in it knowing I’ll be saying THANK YOU in the best possible way. With a PAR-TAY!

tarafall2011piccloseTara Lazar loves writing witty bios that make her sound interesting, but often fails. Her debut picture book, THE MONSTORE, will be released with the Aladdin imprint of Simon & Schuster on June 4th. She writes from her unmade bed in New Jersey. There’s more hilarious authorly escapades at her blog,



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11 responses to “To Party or Not to Party

  1. Oh, I love this post in so many ways, Tara! I’m right there with you: I rarely make the bed, and I hate party planning. We started offering our kids the money we WOULD spend on their birthday party if the didn’t make us actually DO the party (and sometimes it actually works!). I’ve sort of been dreading the whole book launch party thing. First, there’s been the planning and organizing aspect, which is all a bit dauting, but then there’s also the “look at me!” aspect… ugh. It feels so slimy and self-promotional. Reframing it as a thank you to all the people who helped me along the way (and there are, as we all know, many!) makes it so much more natural, and also more necessary. Yes, I do want to thank them! Yes, I do want to make it special for them! They deserve it for supporting me through this crazy endeavor! Thinking about it that way makes it an exciting challenge instead of yet another giant to-do. Your husband? He’s a keeper. Tell him thank you for making it not all about me.


  2. Joshua McCune

    I love the idea of a bookmaid. Or a bookman in my case. I eloped as well. But you’re spot on about thanking everybody who helped you get there. Plus, you know, cookies!


  3. Bookmaid of honor! That’s just the best idea I’ve ever heard! 😀


  4. This is so awesome. I might have to book a ticket to New Jersey pronto.


  5. Ha! I have wondered the exact same thing about booklaunch parties! In fact, if I had writing friends in my town, I’d probably make a pact with them where we would arrange each other’s parties when the time came.

    By the way, I love your bio! If one of your goals is to write witty bios, you succeeded there. 🙂


    • Ha ha, I’m glad you like the bio. It can be a drag for authors; we’re frequently asked for one. I feel like I cannot send the same one over and over, it’s too boring. Zzzzzzzz……..


  6. tinamcho

    Great insight…celebrating thank you’s to everyone involved. Have fun planning! Those creepy carrots cookies are cute!!


  7. How long is Author Advent? I’m thinking of starting now.


    • That’s the great thing about it–there is no official start date. PLEASE PROCEED.


      • YAY! 🙂 And thanks for this post! It made me think of something a director told me about bows, that they are a performer’s way of thanking the audience, not sponging up adoration. (OK, so clearly not every performer has gotten this memo, but the idea has always stuck with me.)


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