Oh, the Places a Squash Will Go!

Sophie's Squash by Pat Zietlow MillerWelcome back to our weeklong celebration of Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller! TODAY is actually the book’s official publication day, so that means that Sophie and Bernice (Sophie’s beloved butternut) are out in the world right now. Hurrah!

We EMUs decided to commemorate this occasion by taking a page out of Sophie’s book and spending the day with some squashes of our own.

At Mylisa Larsen’s house, Berthold the butternut put on his reading glasses and snuggled up with Kate for his favorite bedtime story. 🙂

Mylisa's squash

Meanwhile, Tara Lazar’s daughters hit the pool with Squashie and Squasharella, who gave a whole new meaning to the term “summer squash.”

Tara L's squash

Hey, squashbathers, don’t forget the squashscreen!

Tara L's squash 3

But why should kids have all the fun? Carol Brendler took her squash, Myrtle, out to see the Celtic band Finger on the Trigger in Chicago. Between sets, Myrtle made herself comfortable in the banjo case.
Carol's squash

Meanwhile, across town, Christine Hayes and her lucky squash took in a Cubs game!
Christine's squash

Over in Colorado, Jeannie Mobley and her squash enjoyed a fancy dinner out.
Jeannie's squash

Quoth Jeannie: “My squash isn’t a spaghetti squash. She’s just a squash that enjoys spaghetti.”
Jeannie's Spaghetti Squash

Not far away, Bernadette was playing the role of stowaway squash on my hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Tara's squash

Once she made it out of my pocket, she enjoyed the views.
Tara's Squash 2

Too bad this mule deer had to photobomb our family portrait!
Tara's Squash 3

Bernadette may have scared off the deer, but in Laurie Thompson’s house, the squash-animal bond was strong.Laurie's Squash 2

Laurie’s squash even made friends with foster dog Boogalu (who is available for adoption!).
Laurie's Squash

And over at Donna Bowman Bratton’s, a fiesty “cowgirl baby squash” made some new friends, too.
Donna's squash


(Here’s a bonus close-up of cowgirl squash, because seriously, how cute is she??)

These interspecies friendships don’t always have happy endings, though. Josh McCune took his squash to…well, play squash. (Genius!)

Things were looking pretty good for Squashie…
Josh's squash

But Josh won out in the end.
Josh's squash 2

Giveaway alert: All week long, commenters are entered to win a signed copy of SOPHIE’S SQUASH, plus temporary tattoos of Sophie and Bernice!

So tell us–where would you and your pet squash spend the day?

Tara DairmanTara Dairman is a novelist, playwright, and recovering world traveler. All Four Stars, her debut middle-grade novel about an 11-year-old who secretly becomes a New York restaurant critic, will be published in 2014 by Putnam/Penguin.

Find her online at taradairman.com.


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20 responses to “Oh, the Places a Squash Will Go!

  1. Ammi-Joan Paquette

    I love this post so much! EPIC!


  2. My baby gourd and I might go to Sa”squash”ewan…


  3. So, I’m I the only one who zoomed in on Josh’s picture to try to see the looks he was getting from the people in the background?

    Oh, and Pat, the waitress at Rigazzi’s Italian Restaurant says, “congratulations!”


  4. I love all these squash adventures! I think my family squash might spend a day this week at my son’s video game class at CU Boulder, one day with my daughter and her friends (library, ice cream shop, wandering around downtown laughing and talking… ah! summer!) and one with me doing errands and writing. Who knows? A squash might just be the writing buddy I’ve been waiting for! 🙂


  5. I love all these soooo much. Especially the “spaghetti squash” and Josh’s squash game. Poor Squashie. But I bet the revenge was delicious!


  6. Joann C

    Oh, Squash and I will ride throughout the community in our security patrol car to share with the neighborhood. All eyes on us for sure!


  7. I’m not showing Sonia that last photo of Josh’s . She would not see the humor.


  8. These are hilarious! Who knew a squash could have so many adventures! I have to add…

    A squash
    playing squash
    with a guy named Josh!
    Is plenty funny…
    By golly!
    By gosh!


  9. These are just too hilarious!


  10. Alexa

    My squash has an intense rivalry with zucchini. She’s going to play practical jokes in the garden all day.


  11. So MUCH fun! Love you, Emus, and your enthusiasm for great books!! Congratulations to Pat! Sophie has barely hit the shelves and has already had so much success!! HOORAY!


  12. Love this post. Never seen such fetching squashes. Congrats to Pat. Can’t wait to see Sophie’s Squash :)!


  13. This photo-essay of all things squash-y makes me want to write a story about a watermelon, or a peanut, or maybe even a bowling pin!
    What wonderful friends you have!


  14. Ralph Brendler

    High point of Myrtle’s trip to the pub to see Finger on the Trigger was the *awesome* double-take the bouncer did as Carol walked past him with a googly-eyed squash swaddled in a scarf…


  15. Susan Manzke

    Perfect adventures. I wonder if my home-grown zucchini is ready for an adventure. 🙂


  16. Oh, these are awesome. Well done, you guys! And happy book birthday, Pat!!


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