And now… introducing… RADIO GIRL!


Photo from ADoseOfShipBoy on Flickr

Guess what, folks — that’s right — we have another book launch to celebrate here on Emu’s Debuts. So, put on your party hats, throw some confetti into the air, and join the fun all week long as we welcome Carol Brendler’s RADIO GIRL into the world!

Carol isn’t technically a debut author. She already has a delightful picture book (WINNIE FINN, WORM FARMER), but RADIO GIRL is her first novel. Since that’s an entirely different experience, we’re thrilled she agreed to join us for her second debut journey!


To get you in the mood for the upcoming RADIO GIRL extravaganza we’ve got planned for you this week, though, you should take the time to go back and read Carol’s post about the story behind the RADIO GIRL story, here.

Then, read this great interview to find out more about Carol, including her advice for aspiring authors.

Plus, Carol and fellow EMLA author Trent Reedy did a fun video interview here.

And, watch for Carol on DEAR TEEN ME on Wednesday!

You can also find Carol at her website, which has lots of fun facts about old-time radio and the 1930s, and on Twitter. And, you can buy your own copy of RADIO GIRL here:

  • Indiebound
  • Powell’s
  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble

    Finally, one lucky reader will win a signed copy of RADIO GIRL! Just comment on any of this week’s launch party posts (including this one). The winner will be announced next Monday. Good luck!


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    14 responses to “And now… introducing… RADIO GIRL!

    1. Wooohooo!!!! An auspicious launch!!!! Thanks for the shout-out. Glad to help launch this baby! I already have a copy of Radio Girl, so no need to enter me in the drawing.


    2. Yay Carol! Yay RADIO GIRL! Welcome to the world!! 🙂


    3. Congratulations, Carol Brendler! Can’t wait to read RADIO GIRL in its final form!


    4. Congratulations, Carol! Can’t wait to tead RADIO GIRL in its final form!


    5. Liz Cook

      So excited! I love the idea of being behind the scenes of such an event! can’t wait to read it!


    6. Yeah! What a week it’s going to be!


    7. Happy release day! I just love that cover.


    8. How fun to have yet another book launch party! Looking forward to reading it!


    9. Joshua McCune

      Yay! Not sure I ever told you this, but I absolutely adore that cover.


    10. Congrats! Love the title, love the cover.


    11. Congratulations, Carol! Happy launch day!


    12. Yay! Yahoo! Yipee!!!!

      Excited to read this one. Can you tell?


    13. Wooot!! Congrats, Carol! Loved the excerpt you read at the retreat and I’m looking forward to reading the rest!


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