RADIO GIRL is on the air

Checklist for a Great Party.

Fabulous music.


Exciting venue.


Interesting people.


A gracious host.


And when it’s a book launch party, of course, you need a wonderful book which we have in RADIO GIRL.

RADIO GIRL by Carol Brendler

It’s been a great party this week as we welcomed RADIO GIRL into the world. Join the celebration. Check out Carol Brendler’s debut novel and find out what life is like for one girl in the middle of history as it’s being made. If you’ve ever wished you could do the Lindy Hop, if you love the look of those 1930s magazine covers, if you’ve wondered what it would be like to live through the panic caused by the War of the Worlds broadcast or if you just love a great story, pick up a copy of RADIO GIRL. Or comment on any of the posts from this week and you’ll be entered to win a shiny, new autographed copy.

Congratulations, Carol. Happy Book Launch Day.

RADIO GIRL is on air. Tune in.



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8 responses to “RADIO GIRL is on the air

  1. Erin E. Moulton

    Welcome, Radio Girl! I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Congrats, Carol!


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  3. WOOT!! Carol, you are officially LAUNCHED into the world!! May you find all the success you deserve for every moment of hard work you put into this novel (and I know that was a LOT!) xoxo


  4. Thanks, Mylisa! Thanks, Erin and Amy! Thanks, everyone. I am awash in authorly giddiness.


    • Well deserved giddiness. Enjoy. And did you notice the similarity between that cute girl on the Radio Stars cover and your own cute author photo? Man, I think with a few pincurls and a bit of red lipstick, you could totally pull that look off.


  5. I have always loved the story of Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” and I think your spin on it sounds so clever! All the glowing reviews definitely add to my desire to read it, as well as my familiarity with Newark NJ (went to Law School there in the 90s). Add another book to the “to-read” pile! Congratulations on your book launch! 🙂


  6. Party, Carol!!!!! Huge congrats!!!!!


  7. Woo-hoo! Welcome, RADIO GIRL! Congratulations, Carol! Confetti and balloons!


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