Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Sorry for the lame post title folks, but I’m trying to keep in step with the bad, bad titles you submitted for our BOOKS BEHAVING BADLY contest.


Tyler James McKiney, for this gag-worthy title: Athletes’ Foot, and Other Edible Fungi

L. Marie’s heartbreaking pitch would make any reader fear a single moment of bad timing: He was a window washer. She worked on the twelfth floor. But when their eyes met across the room, they knew their love was meant to be. Yet when she accidentally opens the window and he falls to his death, she realizes their love was doomed from the start. Thus begins 192 pages of introspection about the nature of love and how you shouldn’t open a window at the wrong time. The perfect vehicle for Matthew Matthew McConaughey and perhaps Kate Beckinsale or maybe Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. I dunno. Doesn’t matter. Anyway, the manuscript is ready to go as long as I can write the screenplay and have my choice of directors.

And Zach Hastings, this beginning is so tragically horrible, it’s actually pretty good: The moment my eyes locked with Robert Spicheki’s, the school bully here at Mary Shelley Gothic High School, I knew two things were going to happen. One, I was about to take a beating that only geriatric and elderly boxers ever have to live (or die) through. Second, I was about to fall madly and deeply in love with him.


Winners, to select the book you’d like as your prize, please click on the header links for Emu Emeriti (all of which have available titles), and Current Emus (among these, you could choose from authors with titles at least available for pre-order: Tara Dairman, Adi Rule, and Joshua McCune). And Kevan Atteberry is special, so he fits into both categories–you could choose any of the picture books he’s illustrated. Please email me at with your mailing address and book selection. Congratulations!


Many thanks to our super-spectacular judging panel:

Caroline Abbey, Senior Editor at Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Erin Murphy, of the Erin Murphy Literary Agency

and Joy Peskin, Editorial Director at Farrar, Straus and Giroux Books for Young Readers


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3 responses to “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  1. Congrats (. . .?) to the winners! 🙂
    Um, and I confess I would totally read the Gothic High School bully-love book.


  2. Awww! Gee! Thanks! And I also would totally read the bully-love book too.


  3. Well, now, I have to clean up the coffee I spit-laughed everywhere after reading these winners…Bravo??!!


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