Writer Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s Halloween and, let me tell you, there’s nothing more exciting than the endearing meeps of contented Emus turning into candy-fueled howls and shrieks of debauchery. So keep those Reese’s Pieces coming!


First off, I have to apologize, because something happened 10 minutes ago that was KIND OF A BIG DEAL around here, so my brain is a little scrambled. Here’s a non-copyrighted hint:


FYI, after six games, I’m waaaay too tired to be making hilarious images of my head pasted onto other things right now.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to decide what to dress up as this year. (For the purposes of this blog, let’s pretend I’m not going as Orko from He-Man, because we all know I’m totally going as Orko from He-Man.)


Wow, I don’t even remember doing this.

Halloween is about fear and mayhem, so what is it that strikes dread into the hearts of writers? In honor of the Emus, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for writer Halloween costumes.

The Were-Author

Oh, sure, she seems perfectly normal. Until that one little thing — maybe the copyeditor doesn’t approve of  her em dash, or marketing is going with the tagline she doesn’t like, or Jeeves was late bringing her morning latte for the third day in a row. Then people’s throats start getting ripped out.

Vlad the Book Impaler

This vampire doesn’t drain blood. Instead, he thrives on authors’ souls, striking out from the shadowy places of the Internet with pointy Reviews of Death. While Vlad may not suck, your book sure does!

The Great White Space (“We’re gonna need a bigger pen.”)

You never know when this denizen of the deep will break the surface of an editorial letter, jaws gaping, threatening to strip the flesh from the bones of manuscripts everywhere. Blood will be spilled and words will be cut.

The Deadline

The Deadline might not be as overtly menacing as some of our other Writerween costumes, but it is always lurking in the darkness, watching with lifeless, dispassionate eyes. Until you realize it’s RIGHT BEHIND YOU! And it’s eating your brain.

The Picture on Dorian Gray’s Blog Tour

No writer House of Horrors would be complete without the author photo. If only everyone’s came out as nice as Laurie Ann Thompson’s.


What writerly Halloween costumes would you add?

And what are you dressing up as this year?



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5 responses to “Writer Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. What about Darth writer…who writes to avenge all the wrongs done to him…especially against all the bullies who stole his Halloween candy. This creature’s costume looks big and dark and scary so as to hide the mean sniveling shrimp inside.


  2. Joshua McCune

    Lindsey FTW!


  3. Love the costume ideas! I usually dress up as a fictional character. I was Professor Dumbledore one year and Gandalf another year.


  4. Super fun post, Adi! I love you as Orko. 🙂


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