Strange Sweet Song: The Opera!

Happy birthday to you… happy birthday to you…  happy birthday STRANGE SWEET SONG – screw this, we’re shoving aside cakes and candles to venture into a dark forest, where something stranger, something sweeter, something furrier lurks. And we’re singing something different. An opera. With costumes and interpretive dance and one cute killer kitty! Behold!

The Strange Sweet Song party will continue all week. Check back every day! Don’t miss a moment of the fun!

Comment on any post this week to be entered in the giveaway!



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15 responses to “Strange Sweet Song: The Opera!

  1. annbedichek

    Oh my word. The TALENT!

    The book opera is clearly a genre that needs to be expanded!

    And Strange Sweet Song clearly seems to be the kind of book that could launch it’s own genre of music. I really want to win a copy!


  2. EXHILARATING! And by that, I mean that special blend of terror and excitement!


  3. Mike Jung

    There’s going to be a Disney sing-along version of this, right?


  4. You EMUs certainly go all out to support each other. That’s the least I can say. But I do love Ann’s idea of book opera! Let’s make this happen! 😀


  5. I have often offered my students the opportunity to do their oral presentations in the form of an opera or operetta, but so far none of ever taken me up on it. I think I am going to show them this to change their minds.


  6. That’s going to haunt my dreams. I can’t wait to read this book.


  7. Lindsey Lane

    I love this group. I love this book. I love this ‘opera’ Let the launch begin!


  8. Beyond my wildest dreams! Happy book birthday, Adi!!!!


  9. Happy book birthday, Adi! I love this crazy group of Emu’s.


  10. It is a privilege to be crazy with such wonderful crazy people. Happy book birthday, Adi!


  11. This is EPIC! Such an awesome video. You all rock!
    Congratulations, Adi!


  12. Adi, could there ever be a better way for your friends to show their love for you and your novel than to dress up like freaks and dance and sing?! Seriously! This was the ultimate sacrifice of our dignity . . . and it was worth it (it was also a lot of fun!). Happy book birthday, STRANGE SWEET (AWESOME) SONG!


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