Meet our magical wish-granting space cats!

Writers have always loved cats. Is it their mercurial natures? Their ability to take care of themselves (mostly)? The fact that a cat in a lap guarantees a butt in a chair? Perhaps we’ll never know.

Hemingway had a cat (or hundreds). Twain had one, and so did Poe, Bradbuy, Huxley, T.S. Eliot, Plath, Yeats, Dickens, Neil Gaiman, and this poor guy.

Not to be outdone, many of us here at EMu’s Debuts have a cat (or two). In honor of the Felix in Adi Rule’s STRANGE SWEET SONG, we re-imagined our furry feline companions as magical wish-granting cats from space. What would we wish for if they happened to be in the mood to grant us anything? Keep reading…

Josh's cat, Mouko

Josh’s cat, Mouko

Sadly, Mouko is no longer with us in the flesh. He now resides in a lovely urn. If Mouko granted wishes, Josh says, “I would wish to the Mouko Urn that he stop sending dopplegangers to lurk in our bushes and torment our dogs.”


Penny's cat, Otis

Penny’s cat, Otis

Penny would ask her magical cat, Otis, “Please grant me (or all the EMUs) pawsitive reviews for my (our) debut book(s).”


Megan's cat Lola

Megan’s cat Lola

Megan says, “I wish them many rapt contemplations of their ineffable, effable, effanineffable, deep and inscrutable singular names. (T.S. Eliot, The Naming of Cats)”
Megan's cat Ari

Megan’s cat Ari



Tara's cat, Quincy

Tara’s cat, Quincy

Tara says, “I thank Quincy for guarding my book contact so carefully, and wish that he would send me (and all of my fellow Emus!) many more!” (Ed. note: Before I GIMPed him into outer space, he was very adorably curled up on top of Tara’s contract!)


Donna's cat, Mittens

Donna’s cat, Mittens

Donna would tell Mittens, “I’d like to have nine lives and a remote re-do button for life’s little snafus.”


Jennifer's cat Remy

Jennifer’s cat Remy

Jennifer would wish for self-cleaning litterboxes. And self-cleaning bathrooms too, while she’s at it.

Jennifer's cat Coco

Jennifer’s cat Coco


Lindsey's cat, Trouble

Lindsey’s cat, Trouble

Lindsey guessed what Trouble would tell her, “I will bless your manuscript by sleeping on it. Now hurry up and write it. I’m getting sleepy.”


Laurie's cat, Angel

My cat, Angel

If Angel could suddenly grant me a wish, I’d wish for more time: per moment, per day (and definitely per night), per year, and per lifetime.


We’d love to hear about your own furry feline companion(s) and what wish you’d like them to grant you! And remember, if you leave a comment below (or on any other post from this week), you’ll be entered to win a copy of STRANGE SWEET SONG of your very own.
Strange Sweet Song by Adi Rule



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14 responses to “Meet our magical wish-granting space cats!

  1. I’ve got three cats! Three wishes! Great post.


  2. Let’s see. I’d like Demon Cat to grant me less clawing of the feet. I would like the Dowager Empress to grant me one day off a month from my life of servitude. And I would like Little Sister to grant me the exclusive right to my writing chair.


  3. My cat Merlin is definitely magical–mischievous. He sits on me or behind me while I write. So I suspect he’s wishing me words. This was a great post.


  4. These are awesome! And my wish . . . I now wish that I had a cat!! All of these kitties look very magical and wish-granting. And spacey. And I am at least one of these things (especially the latter), so I think having a cat would do wonders for my writing career. For sure!


  5. My big fat kitties have both passed from this life, but they sure made me happy while they were in it. If they were magical, I would ask them for things they never had in life: self-control around food, and lots of energy to get things done. And if they happen to know any agents who rep romantic historical fiction, that would be awesome!


  6. Parker Peevyhouse

    I vote for Trouble for President.


  7. Loved the sparkly, spacey cats!
    Here’s to granted wishes! Meow!


  8. I love this magical kitty post. Now, If Mittens would move her royal tail off of my manuscript this morning…


  9. To take life as easy as it comes .. like my beautiful cat always did.


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