Talker 25 Book Birthday: Name That Dragon!


Welcome to Day 2 of launch week for, and the official book birthday of, Joshua McCune‘s TALKER 25! Available now. Today. AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Fly to your nearest bookstore or order online at IndieboundAmazon, or

Dragons, of course, play a central role in this epic tale. With names like Betelguese the Red Giant and Red Wraith the Specter of the Adirondacks, it’s not hard to imagine whose life would be forfeit if you met one face to face–say, in a dark alley or fighting over the last crab cake at a dinner party.

Do you have what it takes to name one of these mighty creatures? Your prize, should your name be chosen as victor, is your very own copy of TALKER 25!

Here’s a pic for inspiration:


Think you can name this bad boy?

And here’s a link to Josh’s richly imagined alternate reality show, Kissing Dragons. It’s amazing. Tons of inspiration there.

Please enter your name ideas in the comments section. Enter as many names as you wish!  A winner or winners will be chosen and announced in next Monday’s post.

Thanks for playing!


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24 responses to “Talker 25 Book Birthday: Name That Dragon!

  1. My dragon’s name would be:

    *Render the Rain of the Blackstar*

    So cool! Can’t wait to read this book!


  2. Bob! Bob is always a good name for really, scary red dragons. Congratulations, Josh!


  3. Wow! After looking at “Kissing Dragons,” clearly some thought will be needed… although my son would approve of “Bob”. This book-world looks awesome! Can’t wait to dive in! Happy book birthday!


  4. YvonneJ

    Dante’s Inferno


  5. kevanjatt

    I imagine Sparky has already been offered…
    Seriously – this looks like an amazing read and I can’t wait to get my claws on it!!


  6. Amy Rose

    Evinrude the Evil


  7. Lindsey Lane

    FRED…an acronym for Ferocious Red Eviscerating Dragon.


  8. Lian the sunburned sky serpent of Shuhe. No other reason a dragon could be THAT red.


  9. The Scarlet Scourge. Or Scarlet O’Hair-raising. Or Pookie. Congrats, Josh!!


    • Joshua McCune

      Thanks, Deborah! These crack me up… and, Lol, I already have the Scarlet Scourge… she’s the dragon who killed JR (shot JR?)


  10. bn100

    Maelstrom the chaos bringer


  11. hannah

    Phyrros, the Flame of the North… or Beltashazar, King of the Red Sky


  12. Chung! Also written as Zhong. That’s the Chinese character for the red dragon in Mahjong.


  13. Miguelote Malvado, the Scourge of Guatemala City!


  14. gemstne3

    Char the Agressor


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  16. Parker Peevyhouse

    Love these names. Fun contest.


  17. leandrajwallace

    I’m going to go with…Scorchana Lava of the Brimstone Mountains. But Scorch for short, b/c when you’re running away in terror, it’s much easier to scream. 😉


  18. Joshua McCune

    Holy hell, you guys are rockin’ the awesome!


  19. I have quite a few names!
    Apollyon Angel of Destruction
    Alastor Avenger of Evil
    Boruta Divine Hunter
    Balam Fortune King
    Bune Answering Duke
    Bhut Returned Spirit
    Choronzon of Abysall Raving
    Demiurge Keeper of Material
    Eisheth Soul Eater
    Furfur Liar Earl
    Gorgon Petrifier
    Flauros Venegful Duke
    Haagenti Golden Ruler
    Most of them are based on demons.


  20. Rudolph the Red (Ho ho ho)


  21. I actually have quite a few ideas! This’ll be fun eek!

    Rykus the Pandemonium King
    Baltain the Red
    Eterna the Defiant One
    Stormbringer Roth
    Pyzoar the Blazing Chaos
    Assassio of the Unearthly Skies
    Ravar of the Black Cities
    Deceptionius of Blood and Bone
    Leviathus the Withering
    Mortalai the Smouldering
    Scorchus of the Lost Souls


  22. Joshua McCune

    So, I’ve decided on a winner(s)… will be announced Sunday! You can explore the updated Episode Map since I’ve also added the winner(s) there, complete with story teases =D… Thank y’all for participating. So many awesome names! Wish I could have chosen them all.


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