Getting the word out.


BUNNIES!!! is being printed (I imagine) overseas at this very moment. It’s release date is January 27. That means I have roughly five months to generate some pre-release buzz about it. I find myself staring blankly at the FnGs and wonder what to do next. A website? Facebook page? Postcards? (Done). Trailer? Press release? Standing on a corner saying, “Look at this!” to anyone who happens by? I am not a stranger to marketing and promotion—I’ve worked on many programs and projects over the years as the graphics guy—but I am daunted by what to do for my own book. I suppose the promotion and marketing has never seemed as important as it does when you are promoting and marketing  your own stuff. I don’t know what all I’ll do. I don’t know what kind of participation I can expect from the publisher. I don’t know if I need to hire a professional PR or marketing person. I don’t know a lot. Declan (above) screams the title of the book with unfettered joy and excitement. That’s what I want the promotion to feel like. So….


January 27, 2015 • From Katherine Tegan Books, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublisher

-kevan atteberry


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19 responses to “Getting the word out.

  1. Hooray for Bunnies!! Hooray for Kevan!! 🙂

    Of course, I think that Bunnies is likely to sell itself, but a little promo never hurt. I know that Pat Z. Miller had success with temporary tattoos, and the ones I made for my book have been popular with kids as well! It’s a fun giveaway for in-person book events or school visits.

    (Also, I believe that HarperCollins has an excellent guide for author marketing and social media, so I’d ask your editor for that if you haven’t received it already!)


  2. BUNNIES! YES! Let your launch be all joy and excitement and delight, just like your wonderful characters. I can’t wait for my son (and me!) to get a look at this book, because I’m sure that his reaction will be as enthusiastic as Declan’s. These bunnies are going to make so many little bunnies so happy!


  3. Lindsey Lane

    Oh Man, I wish I could draw my post. Kevan, you are magic and BUNNIES is going to take over the world.


  4. ^^^What they all said, x 2.^^^
    I’m thrilled for you, Kevan.
    Declan is odd. Odd is good. If he is unsure what to do next for promotion, tell him to lean on his zillions of friends. We’ll brainstorm with him.


  5. What a talent you are, Kevan. When you find out answers about promoting BUNNIES! please blog about them 😉
    Love the cover! And Declan should go on tour! He would be excellent for promotion!


    • kevanjatt

      I’ll do that (blog about what I learn), Penny! And yes, Declan would be the perfect face to head up the promotion of BUNNIES!!!


  6. Your drawings are such a treat. I can’t wait for this book! I have a feeling my two-year-old and I are going to be doing a lot of BUNNIES!!! yelling come January.


  7. kevanjatt

    Thank you, Jen! Oh, your two-year-old will love this book, and he will have it memorized in no time! Can’t wait to hear whatyou think.


  8. kevanjatt

    thanks, ThisKid.


  9. Kevan, you and your bunnies are AWESOME! We’re all in the same promotion daze, but I have a feeling, once BUNNIES hits bookshelves, the buzz will multiply like…well, you know. Add my name to the already-long list of Kevan A. fans.


  10. Parker Peevyhouse

    I would love to see a video of you on a street corner shouting BUNNIES!! at passerby.


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