BE A CHANGEMAKER: Words of Wisdom

changemaker_jacket_r3.inddThis week, we’re celebrating a powerful new arrival on the youth nonfiction scene: Laurie Ann Thompson‘s BE A CHANGEMAKER, a guide for young people who want to make positive changes in the world. Laurie’s book grants its readers two great gifts: first, the courage to believe they can be agents for change, in spite of all apparent obstacles, and second, a practical roadmap to making that belief a reality. That’s inspiring stuff in a world that so often tells us we’re crazy for trying.

Inspiration is a funny thing; it has to be genuine in order to move our hearts and make us strive, and yet we know we won’t reach our goals if we sit around waiting around for it to strike. Instead, we have to learn how to tap in to inspiration every day. Since that’s not easy, it helps to have a few pearls of wisdom stored away for the days when we need a little extra fuel to keep our fires burning.

And so, to honor BE A CHANGEMAKER, the EMU mob has decided to share the things that help us to get inspired, stay inspired, and keep striving no matter what.

Great Advice

First, here’s some of the advice we’ve come to rely on:


Motivational Quotes

Next, some of the quotes that empower us:


The Advice I Wish I’d Gotten 

Finally, Christine Hayes gets real about the things she wishes someone had told her, at the beginning of the journey:


I loved putting this post together, not only because I am passionate about telling everyone how great BE A CHANGEMAKER is, but because watching and editing these videos has given me an inner glow that’s going to last for weeks. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, EMUs – and thank you for sending your tremendous book out into the world, Laurie Ann Thompson. Congratulations on your launch. You are an inspiration.

Please comment here–or on any post this week–to be entered to win a signed ARC of BE A CHANGEMAKER by Laurie Ann Thompson!



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12 responses to “BE A CHANGEMAKER: Words of Wisdom

  1. Thank YOU for putting these videos together, Megan. These are wonderful. I’ll be bookmarking this post to come back and watch when I need a lift.


  2. Guys, these are absolutely amazing. I am feeling so inspired right now!


  3. tamaraellissmith

    Megan, you did a wonderful job with this. Wow. Such inspiration here. Thank you, and thank you, Laurie, for writing such a powerful book.


  4. Lindsey Lane

    Omigosh, I so needed to hear every one of these quotes today. Thank you all so much.


  5. Such great stuff! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and inspirations with all of us!


  6. Inspiration! Motivation! And Truth!


  7. You guys! I love this so much! I love you so much! Thank you!!!


  8. Oh, y’all, this is AWESOME! Laurie, you’ve written an important book. Fellow EMU’s, you’ve rocked the video advice. And Megan, you are queen of video editing. Well done, all!


  9. kevanjatt

    these are all so good! Now I’m sorry I never got the time to participate. I especially liked Lindsey’s boxing gloves.

    Yay for changemakers!!


  10. Great quotes, great advice. And such a great book.


  11. Laurie, look what you’ve inspired! And OMG, you guys, this post and the previous one have me crying in my breakfast with happiness and pride. You are AMAZING. All of you.


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