BE A CHANGEMAKER: A Tool for Change

changemaker_jacket_r3.inddI borrowed this synopsis of Laurie Ann Thompson’s book, BE A CHANGEMAKER: HOW TO START SOMETHING THAT MATTERS, from Beyond Words/Simon Pulse, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

“Do you wish you could make a difference in your community or even the world? Are you one of the millions of high school teens with a service-learning requirement? Either way, Be a Changemaker will empower you with the confidence and knowledge you need to affect real change. You’ll find all the tools you need right here—through engaging youth profiles, step-by-step exercises, and practical tips, you can start making a difference today.

This inspiring guide will teach you how to research ideas, build a team, recruit supportive adults, fundraise, host events, work the media, and, most importantly, create lasting positive change. Apply lessons from the business world to problems that need solving and become a savvy activist with valuable skills that will benefit you for a lifetime!”

The book sounds incredible, doesn’t it? You may be wondering how one book can offer all of this. Well, Laurie’s book does. I’ve read it and was amazed, not only with the information, but with the way in which Laurie presented it.

When the publisher says, “You’ll find the tools you need right here—”, they mean it.  And the information is presented with a simplicity that isn’t overwhelming.

Want a peek? Click HERE for a short excerpt from the Event Planning Boot Camp chapter. You will see how Laurie’s easy-to-follow tips will walk you through planning an event by considering your goals, taking a look at your financials, and evaluating staff for your event team.

HERE you can view the first 25 pages of BE A CHANGEMAKER. This glimpse will be inspiring and empowering. You will see how this book’s straight-forward approach is a tool for change.

bigger size

BE A CHANGEMAKER: HOW TO S TART SOMETHING THAT MATTERS debuts next Tuesday, September 16th, 2014.

You can get your own copy of BE A CHANGEMAKER from your local independent bookstore (find one here), or order it from your favorite national or online retailer such as Simon & SchusterPowell’sB&N, or Amazon.

And please comment here–or on any post this week–to be entered to win a signed ARC of BE A CHANGEMAKER by Laurie Ann Thompson!






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6 responses to “BE A CHANGEMAKER: A Tool for Change

  1. annbedichek

    Wow!! I am so incredibly excited for this book to come out!


  2. I love having the links in here so that people can get a taste of the true awesomeness of this book.


  3. tamaraellissmith

    So exciting to glimpse even a bit of this book, Laurie. I have a feeling it is going to be just as useful to adults as to kids! I can’t wait to buy it!


  4. Lindsey Lane

    This was a great post!!!!! Share widely!!!


  5. Yes to this: “the information is presented with a simplicity that isn’t overwhelming.” So true. One of the great things about this book is that it’s truly accessible to the young people it’s written for – and Tam is right (above) that it’s going to be just as useful to adults.


  6. I agree with you, Megan, that’s exactly why Laurie’s book resonated so much with me. I get overwhelmed with the scope of a project or if a need feels so huge I think, how can I possibly do anything to help with that? But Laurie’s book really breaks things down into simple steps and concepts that are very empowering and motivating.

    Great post, Penny! Love getting the inside peeks.


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