Oh my goodness, what a great time the last two weeks have been, with two book launch celebration parties in a row! We Emu’s are a little hungover from all that partying (in the best kinds of ways), so today we’ll keep it simple and I’ll share some pictures with you. You may have noticed them in the left-hand sidebar, since I sneakily put them up there a few weeks ago, but here’s the official unveiling. Drum roll, please…

First, the cover for EMMANUEL’S DREAM: THE TRUE STORY OF EMMANUEL OFOSU YEBOAH (Schwartz & Wade/January 2015), illustrated by Sean Qualls:

Emmanuel's Dream cover


Second, the cover for MY DOG IS THE BEST (Farrar, Straus and Giroux/June 2015), illustrated by Paul Schmid:

My Dog Is the Best cover


So different, yet each perfectly fits their book, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!


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6 responses to “Two new covers: EMMANUEL’S DREAM and MY DOG IS THE BEST

  1. Your covers are awesome, Laurie! How fun to reveal two!!!


  2. They’re so wonderful, Laurie. I can’t wait to read both!


  3. donnabowmanbratton

    I love them both, Laurie. Just think, a year from now, you’ll have three books out in the world. Wowzer! And I know the picture books will be as good as CHANGEMAKER. Congratulations!


  4. Laurie, I love how these covers are so different from each other and yet they both do such of good job of inviting you into the book.


  5. Lindsey Lane

    Fantabulous covers!!! Such different promises within.


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