The path to publication is long and twisty.  There are many opportunities along the way to pause and ask yourself, “Is this really happening?”

You may try to convince yourself that you imagined the whole thing: the phone call, the contract, the weeks of revisions fueled by Diet Coke and M&Ms. Maybe someone is playing a huge cosmic joke. Maybe the nice book people will come to their senses and fling your manuscript out a window of the Flatiron Building, exclaiming: “Whew! Glad we dodged that bullet!”

But then the day will come that the nice book people show you a completed cover, and you think to yourself, “Ha! They can’t back out now!”

Okay, maybe you will think that for like a second or two, but then you will be awed and honored and so dang excited! I am thrilled to reveal the cover of MOTHMAN’S CURSE, illustrated by the talented James K. Hindle:


Mothman's Curse Final Cover


Mr. Hindle has also done interior illustrations, which are fabulous and spooky. I wish I could show them to you right now! His art really captures the flavor of the book, which, if you couldn’t tell by the title, is about Mothman. And a curse. And some other spooky stuff. Here, this might help:

Josie may live in the most haunted town in America, but the only strange thing she ever sees is the parade of oddball customers that comes through her family’s auction house each week. But when she and her brothers discover a Polaroid camera that prints pictures of the ghost of local recluse John Goodrich, they are drawn into a mystery dating back over a hundred years. A desperate spirit, cursed jewelry, natural disasters, and the horrible specter of Mothman all weave in and out of the puzzle that Josie must solve to break the curse and save her own life.

In all seriousness, seeing my cover art has been my favorite step so far, and I’ve heard it only gets better from here! Someday soon there will be actual books out there in the world!

Until then, if you feel so inclined, here are the links to add to Goodreads, pre-order on Amazon, find on Indiebound, or peruse my new web site. Thanks so much for stopping by!


ChristineHayesauthorpicChristine Hayes writes spooky stories for middle grade readers. Her debut novel, MOTHMAN’S CURSE, is due out June 16, 2015 with Roaring Brook Press/Macmillan. She is represented by Ammi-Joan Paquette of the Erin Murphy Literary Agency.


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12 responses to “Cover Reveal: MOTHMAN’S CURSE

  1. I love seeing new covers. And this one has just the right amount of spookiness. I also love the little pop of red from her jacket. Kind of says, “Hey, I’m Josie and I’m the star of this show.”


  2. Such a fun cover! Congratulations!


  3. tamaraellissmith

    I love it, Chris. It is, like Mylisa said, just right on the mix of spook and character. Great movement in it, too. Congratulations! So so cool!


  4. Oh, honey! That is all kinds of awesome!!!


  5. It’s so wonderfully freaky, Christine! Kids are going to eat it up, I predict. Can’t wait to see what’s inside–in words and in pictures!


  6. Lindsey Lane

    SO kid friendly, Chris. I love it.


  7. Total kid-magnet cover! Congrats on this super fun milestone, Christine!


  8. Kid’s heck, I want to read it! It’s beautiful, Christy, and kinda like giving birth after all those months, you finally get to see what your baby looks like!


  9. Christine Hayes

    Thanks, all! This stage of the process is so much fun!


  10. Gorgeous cover, Christine, and so much fun! I, too, can’t wait to see everything inside. Woohoo! =D


  11. Love your cover, Christine! It suggests so much about the story and characters and makes me want to pick up your book and read it RIGHT NOW. 🙂


  12. Chris,
    I can see why you’re so pleased and excited!!! What an amazing cover!!! Love it :•)


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