Shiny Packages

115061459_c3f31c4ae2_zNo, not those kinds of packages.


Over there.

Have you noticed? All those new book covers along the left? In the past several weeks, a bunch of us have gotten cover art. We now know what our books are going to look like on a bookstore or library shelf. Take a minute to scroll down the left side and see the different styles.

Aren’t they glorious?

Cover art is a big deal. That cover has to get the right reader to pick up the right book. Like visual matchmaking. The cover has to say, “You should open this book. You are going to love this story.” All this has to happen in the one or two seconds that it takes for a casual glance.

So, how well do these covers do? Try something. Imagine all of them without the titles, without the names of the creators. Just the art. Even without being able to see the trim sizes, can you still tell which are YA, which are middle grade, which are picture books? Can you still tell which ones are funny? Which are mysteries? Pretty nice, huh? (I think this even works with Susan’s book where the title is the art. If you preserved that cover just as splashes of color with those quirky drawings, I think it would still say contemporary middle grade, funny.)

It makes me want to pick up a stack of these books and spend a few days curled up on the couch.

BUNNIES cover9780449817445All of us at Emu’s Debuts will be taking a short break over the holidays. But in January, you actually will be able to curl up with Kevan Atteberry’s BUNNNIES!!! and Laurie Thompson’s EMMANUEL’S DREAM. Stay tuned for the wild rejoicings.


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7 responses to “Shiny Packages

  1. Thanks for highlighting cover art, Mylisa! It is a MOST exciting part of the publishing process. And you’re right…even with out the title, the covers speak volumes!


  2. mariagianferrari

    Thanks, Mylisa! Cover art is amazing, and the best gift ever is seeing it for the very first time!


  3. What a fun exercise – and you’re right. The art and design of these covers has a lot to say about level and genre in every case. Hadn’t really thought of it that way. Pretty darn cool.


  4. You’re right, our covers do speak volumes about our books! I love scrolling down our blog just to look at that happy little collection of future books over there. 🙂

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  5. kevanjatt

    This exercise speaks highly of the important role of the art director/book designer! Thanks for calling out BUNNIES!!!, Mylisa!


  6. Great post, Mylisa! You’re so totally right about each cover having it’s own personality and style that totally fits each of the books. What a neat way to think about it! Thanks for the EMMANUEL’s DREAM shout out, too! 🙂


  7. ManjuBeth

    Looking forward to reading Laurie Thompson’s EMMANUEL’S DREAM. Great cover art!


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