Obsession (for Bunnies!!!)


Obsession. We all have one. Some of us have many, purchased in bulk from Calvin Klein, because you can never have too much of a scent that blends the “botanics, spices, and rare woods” that capture the…

Wait, no.

Sorry. Wrong sort of obsession. I’ve just been reminded that we’re talking about the other kind of obsession this week. That makes sense, given that we’re celebrating the release of Kevan Atteberry’s Bunnies!!!

This ebullient new book invites us to share in the delight of an adorable monster’s fascination with and enthusiasm for everyone’s favorite long-eared forest creature. In keeping with the joyful energy that Kevan captures so perfectly, I asked some EMUs to sound off on their own personal obsessions. Here’s a compilation of what the gang had to say about the things that trigger an over-the-top level of excitement in each of them:

Carole Gerber: My obsession is nearly always an adult novel or nonfiction book that I loved and devoured. Most recently, I read “Descent” by Tim Johnston in one long afternoon and evening. It’s a wonderful thriller and took my mind off being “grounded” at home on crutches as I recover from foot surgery. The only downside to becoming obsessed with a book is that I am always slightly annoyed at myself for reading it so quickly!

Christine Olson Hayes: I go crazy for flea markets and 1980s TV shows. Nothing like a little bargain hunting and cheesy television to brighten up your day!

Janet Fox: Mine would have to be Star Trek. I fell in love with the first series when it aired, followed TNG, and then exposed my son at an early age, which has resulted in a Star Trek mutual obsession – except that at age 23 he has now way surpassed me. Still, it’s fun to share those subtle references with him.

Laurie Thompson: Here’s a laundry list of my various and sundry obsessions: sea salt dark chocolate caramels; furry four-legged animals; birds, especially crows and hawks; pajamas; and, of course, BOOKS!

Maria Gianferrari: I have two obsessions. The first is hawks (red-tails in particular). I love scanning highway lampposts and trees while driving to see them perch-hunting (and it’s the subject of one of my upcoming books). My other obsession is dogs, or maybe Doggies!!!

Megan Morrison: I get Declan-level excited about lots of things, but today I want to shout ebulliently about BioWare video games! They’re role-playing games, and they’re excellent fun. Epic fantasy and sci-fi settings, great characters, compelling romances, and fantastic dialogue. If these games were BUNNIES!!!, I’d chase them around the woods all day and very likely frighten them with my ferocious glee.

Mylisa Larsen: KAYAKS!!! I don’t know what it is about those little right-down-in-the-water boats that makes my heart go pitter-patter but oh, I love them. 

Penny Parker Klostermann: My personal BUNNIES is Peeps! The sugar-coated, marshmallow, pink and yellow chicks and BUNNIES! It’s such an obsession that all my family and friends give me packs-a-plenty to devour around Easter. I’m a connoisseur of sorts. I only want pink or yellow. I don’t think the other colors are authentic. And I do yell PEEPS!!! when they appear in stores for Easter!

Rebecca Van Slyke: Besides the obvious DARK CHOCOLATE!!! and BOOKS!!!, I love POPCORN!!! and PENNIES!!! I seem to find a lot of pennies on the ground. I started saving it in a jar. When the jar is full, I donate it to a charity.

Susan Vaught: I get a bit stupid for anything that reminds me of my favorite science fiction or fantasy books, especially Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Dark is Rising. Yes, yes, I know, this screams GEEEEEEEEEK. I embrace my inner geek. I can’t help it. Elf, dwarf, hobbit, wizard, phaser, Millenium Falcon, some tall, dark and 1000 year old guy booming, “The Dark! The Dark is riiiiiiising!”–I’m there.

Tamara Smith: I have a few notable obsessions, things that send my heart racing, my mind thinking irrational thoughts, my muscles burning. Chocolate is one of them. So is peanut butter. And anything about the late actor River Phoenix. (Sigh.) But what comes to mind vividly right now is not an obsession of mine, but my newest son’s. Jafeth is OBSESSED with lights. Flashlights, candles, stars, the moon, lamps, ceiling lights and light switches. If he spots any of these his eyes (pardon the word) light up and he points and jumps. “La luz, la luz, la luz,” he chants. He will then (if it is a light switch) flip it on and off about fifty times, or he will then (if it is the moon) stare at it for fifty seconds, or he will then (if it is a flashlight) take it apart into fifty pieces. And while you need a little patience to ride the experience (and a strong heart that can withstand the strobe-like effect), it is tough not to be swept up in his enthusiasm. Lights are pretty cool, right? 

And, finally, my own personal obsession is pretty easy to identify. I believe that there is one true musical god, and that his name is Bruce Springsteen. Which works out fine, except for the nagging worry that when I die—regardless of how I’ve lived my life, good or bad—my immortal soul just might end up in Jersey (that’s a joke—no offense to readers who reside in the beautiful Garden State!).

Check back in tomorrow for another post celebrating the release of Bunnies!!! And remember, Kevan will be giving away two signed copies of the book this week. Leave a comment on this post or any others this week for a chance to win!


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19 responses to “Obsession (for Bunnies!!!)

  1. mariagianferrari

    Thanks so much for compiling our obsessions–so much fun to read what makes everyone go bananas. I love your pennies idea, Rebecca. I should do that too, since my MC is named Penny, and in honor of the lovely Penny Parker Klostermann 🙂

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  2. When you call it an obsession you make me worry that it’s a bad thing–but I like tile. Especially mosaics. And dogs. So I guess a dog mosaic would send me into a frenzy.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Clever art, Adam! Love the “Obsession for Bunnies.” Always loved reading everyone else’s obsessions. Strangely – or maybe not, from a bunch of writers – no one is obsessed with running! 🙂

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  4. I almost added dogs and Star Trek to my list, too, but then I decided EVERYONE loves those, right? 😉

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  5. This is so much fun! I have a bit of obsessive in my personality, so I totally get it. My obsessions tend to cycle back around again and again, coming and going through my life. Jane Austen novels and movies are a repeating thing, as is “Jane Eyre” (but never “Wuthering Heights”); Tolkien always comes back around; Peter Gabriel is a constant musical theme; and of course, there’s always Shakespeare (How many Hamlets can one person see? Let’s find out!). And of course, I love bunnies! I’ve had three as pets and our neighborhood is full of them since the fox moved out. I also have an obsessive way of greeting them: “Bunny! Bunny! Bunny!” — always three excited, happy “Bunny!”s, never more, never less. 😀

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  6. Oh my, obsessions! My current obsession is bingewatching Veronica Mars, The Big Lebowski, and, of course, PANDAS!!!!
    The Boss, naturally, reigns eternal. God help us if heaven looks like New Jersey.


  7. These are so much fun to read! And the Obsession for Bunnies cologne is hysterical, Adam. I’m late to contribute, but some of my obsessions are: MUPPETS!!! KITTIES!!! MOCHAS!!! CLUE!!! WIND-UP TOYS!!!

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  8. So much fun reading about everyone’s obsessions! It’s was fun to hear that Rebecca is obsessed with pennies 🙂

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  9. kevanjatt

    Thanks for this post, Adam! I love reading about what others obsess about. We can use it as bribe material. 😉
    One of my obsessions is art supplies. Always has been. Since I work almost exclusively digitally it is crazy that I can’t go into an art supply store without buying new media and new media I’ve no experience using. Because, well, art. And in the same vein, I totally obsess over sketch books. I can never have enough sketchbooks! Oddly enough I received the most amazing collection of custom sketchbooks from some of the most amazing friends organized by the most amazing elf in the world.


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  10. Laurie, YES on crows and ravens!!! (Why? Just be-caws!)

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  11. I have a few obsessions… A new one is Abuelita Mexican Hot Chocolate. *sigh* And picture books. And paintbrushes and paints… BUNNIES looks ridiculously cute. I could see it becoming an obsession. 😀

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  12. judyrubin13

    Swords. Not to pillage or plunder, but to inspire historic tales and fantastical flights. With twenty-seven, I am on the hunt for my next blade.


  13. Obsessions? Books about creativity, colored pens and pencils, sea salt dark chocolate (I salt it myself if I have to), picking up “wishing stones” from the beach (the ones with lines that make a complete circle around them), looking over at Kevan’s notebook as he doodles through meetings and presentations. ; )

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  14. Art supplies. Yep art supplies and lots of ’em.
    Inspirational quotes. Can’t have enough of those.

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  15. Does a wordsmithing obsession count? Alas, that would be mine. (Anyone else relate?) And maybe making stuffed animals talk.


  16. Lindsey Lane

    Great post, Adam. Such a good idea come to life by this wonderful mob. What’s my obsession? Hmmm…shoes. I cannot walk through a store without looking at shoes. Trying them on and scheming about why I HAVE to have them. Particularly if they are cute AND comfortable.

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  17. I always love these compilation posts, because I get to learn more about all of the Emus! Thank you, Adam!

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