A Mom Photo Gallery

It’s a book birthday for Rebecca Van Slyke’s MOM SCHOOL! Congratulations, Rebecca!!! We’re so excited to celebrate with you.

MOM SCHOOL is a charming love letter to moms everywhere, celebrating all the wonderful things they do for us. So we thought it would be a fitting tribute to post photos of our moms today.

By the way, you can find MOM SCHOOL at these retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound.

And don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win a signed copy of MOM SCHOOL!!!


Rebecca and LaVonneHere’s darling Rebecca, pictured with her mother, LaVonne. Rececca writes, “I think we took the ferry from Seattle over to Butchart Gardens near Victoria, B.C. She loves flowers (you should see their backyard), and walking through beautiful gardens is still a favorite activity for her.”




Christine and Sandee

This is Christine at around age six or so, sporting an unfortunate Dorothy Hamill haircut. Her mom, Sandra, always went out of her way to make birthdays special.

Tam and Kathy

Like mother, like daughter. Aren’t they gorgeous? This is Tamara with her mom, Kathy.










Adam and Marilyn

Adam, is that you? Awwww! He’s pictured here with his beautiful mom, Marilyn.

Susan and Sandra

This is Susan at age 2. LOVE the stylish red pajamas, ladies! Susan tells us she still has that book about baby animals. She treasures the time spent reading with her mother.




Penny and Naomi

Here is the lovely Penny, her lovely mother, Naomi, and some other lovely members of her family. We know for a fact that they are all awesome and supportive, because Penny herself is about as awesome and supportive as anyone could possibly be!

Megan and Gerry

There’s something so timeless and joyful about this photo of Megan and her mother, Gerry.

maria & Roberta

Maria and her mother, Roberta. Another beautiful portrait and a priceless moment in time (Maria’s christening).



Jennifer and Dianne

Jennifer’s mom, Dianne, is probably contemplating how amazing her daughter already is. Furthermore, she’s most likely marveling that when Jennifer grows up she will undoubtedly be EVEN MORE AMAZING.

Carole's Mom Ruth

Carole’s mother, Ruth. What a perfect photo to round out our little gallery! Carole tells us her mom taught her to live by the “Big 10” (commandments, that is). Thanks to moms everywhere for their wisdom, love, and quiet strength.




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6 responses to “A Mom Photo Gallery

  1. What a wonderful gallery! Obviously all moms have been to Mom School. I’m just so glad Rebecca wrote a book about it!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Rebecca Van Slyke

    What lovely moms! The love they have for their babies is evident in these special photographs!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. mariagianferrari

    What great photos! Thanks for putting this together, Christine, and thanks for writing a book to celebrate moms, Rebecca!


  4. There’s nothing more special than “mom”…being one, having one, loving one, needing one… thank you for sharing the photos.


  5. You can just feel love in these beautiful photos!
    I enjoyed these special photos. I have one of my own mom with me as a little girl, right beside my bed.


  6. cant wait to call my mom this morning–what a beautiful, inspiring gallery!!


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