The Long Bumpy Road

learning how to endure your disappointment and frustration is part of the job of a creative person. — BIG MAGIC, Elizabeth Gilbert

Like many writers, I have been writing stories since childhood. I have always been passionate about stories. I first decided to write fiction for kids and teens as a career path in 2001. I joined SCBWI, received the gift of a mentor in Cynthia Leitich Smith, found critique groups (I moved a lot), went to conferences and workshops, read every craft book available to me, discovered an amazing community on LiveJournal (in 2004), found my writing/critiquing soul partners, wrote and wrote and revised and revised and queried and submitted, and accumulated a healthy pile of rejections.

I had some close calls for different manuscripts — a phone call from an editor (kind and encouraging, but a rejection nonetheless), revising out of contract, going to acquisition, “good” rejection letters. This went on for over a decade. I admit to bouts of extreme sadness, many tears, frustration, and thoughts of giving up. In the meantime, I had two nonfiction children’s books published that I am proud of, but the dream has always been to write/publish fiction. One evening in 2008, after yet another “encouraging” rejection, I decided to quit. I was going to quit writing, quit submitting, quit dreaming of publication. I cried long and hard. My heart was broken. I think I cried for well over an hour. I decided to distract myself with a movie, August Rush. Within the first 10 minutes of viewing the movie, I was struck with a story idea. I ran upstairs, grabbed a legal pad, and wrote out ten pages of a scene. Such was my commitment to quitting. My love for writing stories was stronger.

Flash forward to 2014: I have long admired the Erin Murphy Literary Agency. I was flattered when a dear and talented friend referred me to her agent, Tricia Lawrence. Tricia requested a full of my MG novel and then I waited. While I waited, I kept writing and kept querying/subbing. Around the same time, I received a request for a full of my chapter book from editor Grace Kendall at FSG, and then I waited. While waiting and writing, I had an opportunity to write four books for an early reader chapter book series and jumped at the chance. I had a fabulous time writing these stories. In fact, I was having a (mostly) fabulous time writing all my stories.

And then…in April of 2015, Grace emailed to say she wanted to take my chapter book to editorial, and then acquisition! I reached out to Tricia and told her I had a YA novel and a chapter book. She requested both. Within days of each other, Tricia offered representation and Grace wanted not only my chapter book, but three more books for a series! My story Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen about headstrong Japanese-American third grader Jasmine Toguchi and her quest to join in on the family tradition of making mochi, and three more books about Jasmine, are going to be published!

I am filled with overwhelming gratitude and joy and excitement and glee! I am grateful to Tricia and EMLA, and Grace and FSG, and to this incredibly supportive children’s lit community – many of you have been cheering me on from the very beginning. I’m grateful to my husband, Bob, and my daughter, Caitlin, for their unwavering belief in me, their firm support of my writing, and to my family and non-writer friends who even if they didn’t fully get “it”, they got me.

My road to “the call” meandered with many obstacles and detours, but I am glad I stayed on the path, on my path, because the journey is different for each person. Along this path of mine, I’ve met some warm and talented people I now call friends. While there’s no guarantee of publication, the only way you can be sure of never getting published is by quitting. If you love writing, if it brings you joy, if you can’t see doing anything else, keep writing, keep learning, keep growing, and stay the course. Enjoy the journey and the process of creating. Have fun. Believe, even when it’s hard. (And surround yourself with support and love!)

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Debbi Michiko Florence writes full time in her cozy studio, The Word Nest. Her favorite writing companions are her dog, Trixie, and her two ducks, Darcy and Lizzy.

The first two books of her debut chapter book series Jasmine Toguchi will be coming out from Farrar Straus Giroux in Spring 2017, with two more books to follow. She is also the author of two nonfiction children’s books.

Before she started writing as her career, Debbi worked at a pet store, volunteered as a raptor rehabilitator, interned as a zookeeper’s aide, taught fifth grade, and was the Associate Curator of Education for a zoo.

You can visit her online on her web site and her reading blog. She’s also on Twitter.


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37 responses to “The Long Bumpy Road

  1. Loved hearing about your journey, Debbi! So glad you didn’t quit, although that’s one of the best “quitting” stories I’ve heard. I can’t wait to meet Jasmine!


  2. So inspiring! I’m teaching a creative writing class now and can’t wait to share this with my students- it’s honest and completely motivating. And I’m super excited to read your books!!


  3. I enjoyed reading about your journey. I know many of us can relate to the struggle to balance our need to create and our need to feel “successful”. Thank you for sharing!


  4. This is the BEST kind of success story, Debbi! So glad you hung in there!!! You are an inspiration.


  5. Love the story of your inspiring journey as much as I love being a part of the journey. I am so grateful you found the right path, the path that you have always deserved to be on.


  6. Elly Swartz

    A wonderful post by a wonderful author and treasured friend. I am so grateful that your love of writing was stronger than your desire to walk away. But, I know you, you could never have walked away! So happy to share this journey with you.


  7. Janet Fox

    What a lovely journey story – inspiring!!! Welcome to the EMUs and we’re thrilled for you.


  8. mariagianferrari

    You’re oh, so right, Debbi! The only way to never get published is to quit. This is definitely the best quitting story I’ve ever heard! Looking forward to reading Jasmine Toguchi!! Hugs for Trixie & the ducks :)!


  9. Laurie

    Debbi, I remember the old LJ days! Such a great community. You’ve worked long and hard and now deserve to celebrate long and hard!


  10. Lynn Bauer

    It may have been a long and bumpy road, but it was *your* road. You traversed it with tears and tenderness and with the hope that it always led to “happily ever after.” And it did. 🙂 If you’d quit, none of us would ever have gotten to meet Jasmine Toguchi, and I, for one, can’t wait!


  11. I never doubted your long and bumpy road would lead you to a happily ever after of your choosing. You are an inspiration to so many people and especially to writers at all stages of their career.


  12. Ellen Emerson White

    Way to go!


  13. Love this – so, so happy for your many successes!


  14. Lovely and inspiring–like you! I can’t wait to read your books!


  15. Here’s to story ideas that refuse to quit even when you think you have. I’m excited to meet Jasmine Toguchi.


  16. It was wonderful and inspiring to read about your journey, Debbi! Congrats on your well-deserved success 🙂


  17. Great story, although I’m sure it didn’t feel so great every step of the way.


  18. Jody Feldman

    I’ve loved rooting for you! So excited this is all happening!


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