But, I Don’t Want To Go To Bed…

Hooray! It’s launch week for Mylisa Larsen and her fabulous debut picture book

How To Put Your Parents To Bed Cover

How to Put Your Parents to Bed by Mylisa Larsen, Illustrated by Babette Cole

Katherine Tegan Books/2016

This is a hilarious and fun “step-by-step guide” to help youngsters put their reluctant, too-busy, tired, distracted parents to bed. A cute switch-a-roo take on bedtime!

Here are some of our creative bedtime stalling techniques:

Carole Gerber: The very best stalling technique for any child is reading. How can parents bear to tell you to put down your book? (Answer: When they go to bed, they want to your light out, too.) My favorite summer reading trick was to catch a jar of fireflies (being carefully to punch holes in the metal lid so they wouldn’t die). When my parents went to bed and insisted the light in my bedroom go off, too, I would pull the covers over my head and read by the fireflies’ light. Magical!

Andrea Wang kids’ favorite stalling tactic when they were younger: As soon as they could bathe themselves, they started taking long showers to put off bedtime. We’re talking insanely long, let’s-sing-all-the-songs-we’ve-ever-learned, draw-pictures-in-the-steam-on-the-glass kind of long. When I’d try to get them out, they’d invariably still have shampoo in their hair or have forgotten to wash between their toes. I eventually started setting a timer when they took a shower!

Elly Swartz: On those rare nights when I have a burst of evening energy and find myself procrastinating bedtime, I check my email, check my FB page, check Twitter, and then stay up too late with my dog, Lucy, watching a movie that I know no one else in my family would ever want to watch.

Jason Gallaher: My mom must have performed some crazy brainwashing trick on me when I was little because somehow my bedtime stalling technique was actually what put me to bed. I fancied myself a movie buff when I was a wee one (I think I watched every “Land Before Time” video at least 100 times) and would always ask if I could watch a movie at the end of the night. I thought I really had my mom fooled by not only putting off bedtime, but getting to practice my Siskel & Ebert film critic skills in the process. But without fail I would fall asleep about ten minutes into the movie, especially after having a belly full of SpaghettiOs (my preferred dinner). It never occurred to me that Mom was so agreeable to me watching movies at night because I would go right to sleep; I just thought she was the coolest mom and that my friends were suckers for having parents with strict bedtime rules.

Debbi Michiko Florence: These days, I am never reluctant to go to bed. I guess I’m getting old/er. But in my younger years, after my daughter was old enough to get herself to bed, when I wasn’t ready for bed, I’d write long, chatty emails to friends and family. In fact, it remains one of my favorite procrastination tools.

What are your or your kids’ favorite bedtime stalling techniques?

Don’t forget to stop by yesterday’s post to comment for a chance to win a copy of this fabulous book AND a gift certificate for pajamas!

For more about Mylisa, check out her web site and don’t miss a chance to buy this book for your favorite bedtime stalling kid!



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5 responses to “But, I Don’t Want To Go To Bed…

  1. mariagianferrari

    Thanks, Debbi–I don’t stall to go to bed now either ;), but my daughter’s favorite was “one more book.” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Luke Reynolds

    These are so fun! Thanks for sharing everybody–and our two kiddos both are of the theory that bedtime can be stalled by asking for water. We talk to both a lot about how important hydration is, so they figure we can’t say no. Then, a little while after water, it’s a bathroom need. Then water, then bathroom…aaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I think the only way I’d ever get to bed on time is if we lost power, internet, and cell service. My kids could really use a copy of this book! 🙂


  4. Very fun! Loved hearing the bedtime stall tactics. And very excited about your book release, Mylisa!


  5. Carleen M. Tjader

    I had a little boy who didn’t want to go to bed…he would have loved this book!


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