Taking The Leap

Because of the earth’s orbit and math, we sometimes get an extra day tacked onto February. Leap Day. It’s a sweet bonus, like those yummy after-dinner mints that (too rarely) come with the check. A chance to take a breath and look around. A chance to decide what’s next. Today’s one of those days, and it begs the question, what leap are you going to take in the year ahead?


Maybe this year you’ll lift your chin and start to call yourself a writer. Fellow EMU Darcey Rosenblatt has some thoughts on that: http://bit.ly/1Lokayk

Maybe you’ll commit to devoting a chunk of your precious time to starting or upping your word count. You might attend your first conference. Join a critique group. Seek representation. Start submitting manuscripts.

To my knowledge, there is no way to do this work without taking the big, scary, chancy leap at some point. When is that point? I think it’s when your work is as good, as powerful, as irresistible as you can make it. You have to honest with yourself. Outside opinions can be valuable, of course, but what ultimately matters is you. Your inimitable point of view. Your voice. YOU.

As writers, we are the midwives of emotion. We are called to pull the heartstrings, to summon the tears, to tickle the funnybone. Out of words and our own vulnerability, we forge a profound and mysterious bond of togetherness with our readers. We say to them—you are not alone. We both find this funny. We both find that sad. We both see this particular beauty right here and right now.

When you believe you’ve approached that point of connection, that point where you’ve done all you can, you should do it. Take the leap.

Gravatar About Hayley Barrett

I write for young people and live to make kids laugh. My debut picture book, BABYMOON, is coming from Candlewick Press.



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19 responses to “Taking The Leap

  1. Thank you for this reminder to be brave and take the leap! I’m in the middle of a tough revision, and sometimes it feels easier to just put it away and start with something (shiny) and new. Onward! 🙂

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  2. Elly Swartz

    I love this post. Recognizing that the point when you reach emotional connectivity is the time when you are ready to take the leap! Thank you for sharing and reminding us of this pivotal moment.

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  3. mariagianferrari

    So lovely, and spot on–thanks, Hayley! I love the image that we’re “midwives of emotion.” 🙂


  4. I’ve been taking leaps already into what feels like the bottomless pit of the deep, dark, scary publishing world. 😉 Or, I’m hoping, it’s more like Alice’s rabbit hole where eventually, I’ll land and have marvelous adventures.

    Happy Leap Day, Haley!


  5. I love your reference to midwives, Haley. So fitting!

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  6. Janet Fox

    Lovely post, Hayley!! And so true. I’m going to spend this day working on my next project. 🙂


  7. I love this, Hayley. It’s scary to take a leap in any direction that takes us outside our comfort zone. Thanks for inspiring us.

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  8. I, too, love “midwives of emotion”…wow!


  9. I love this post. Thank you, Hayley. Leap=Faith.

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