I have been an emu now for almost three years. (This comment would need considerable clarification if made in any other venue.) So I’ve had plenty of time to say the things I wanted to say about this space in the publishing journey between contract and actual published book.


Wait, she’s been a what?

Except for one thing and that is how grateful I feel to be working in this industry. Yes, it has oddities (not a few) and frustrations. But it also has some beautiful benefits. I’m grateful to work with people who value creativity and collaboration. I’m grateful to work with people who care about words and kids.


Emu’s Debuts is one of those groups that has an expiration date built in. Once you’ve published that first book, you’re no longer a debut author. So while I’ll still be around cheering on the books that are coming (because, oh, I so love some of these books that are coming), I won’t be here in the day to day way that I have been in the past couple of years. As I’ve thought about leaving, there are a few things that I’d like to thank the rest of this Emu mob for.



Thanks for the fun. From going all out opera to celebrate Adi Rule’s debut to taking Tara Dairman’s character Gladys out to lunch to calling a number in Switzerland hoping to interview the lovely Anne Wilsdorf (and hoping that whoever answered the phone would have more English than I had French), there have been a lot of moments that were just fun. Those of you who read the blog, sometimes get to see the some of the fun in the post but a lot of it is backstage. And I value the backstage moments the most.


Thanks for the books. It has been so much fun to get the ARCs and F&Gs of new Emu books in the mail. I’ve read and loved books that I might never have picked up otherwise. I have my often visited shelves of the library but sometimes I need to branch out a bit. It’s been a pleasure to do that as books of fellow Emus arrived in the mail in the weeks before their launches. I’ll miss that. But I plan on actively looking for them as they’re published. So keep me posted.


Thanks for the honesty. It was so refreshing to be able to ask all the newbie questions in this group (everything from “is it normal for a contract to take this long” to “where is the best place to get bookmarks” to questions about craft) and always have them answered with both kindness and honesty.


Kindness, creativity, honesty, fun. Can’t really beat that.




Mylisa Larsen has been telling stories for a long time. This has caused her to get gimlet-eyed looks from her parents, her siblings and, later, her own children when they felt that certain stories had been embellished beyond acceptable limits. She now writes children’s books where her talents for hyperbole are actually rewarded.

She is the author of the picture books, Instructions for Bedtime (Katherine Tegen Books) and If I Were A Kangaroo (Viking.)

You can visit her online at


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9 responses to “Thanks

  1. Lovely post, Mylisa! Thank YOU for all your help with uploading, scheduling, etc. that flitters out of my brain once I do it. You are the best, and I wish you luck with all your other books. I predict there will be many!

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  2. Sniff…Your wit and wry observations will be missed here but it’s time for the wide world to spit coffee at the computers in the morning. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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  3. The mob won’t be the same without you, Mylisa. Be sure to come back and guest post, please. Thank you for everything you did to keep us running!

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  4. Hear, hear, Mylisa! Well said. =D

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  5. mariagianferrari

    Farewell, Mylisa!! I hope we meet some day soon! 🙂

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  6. Janet Fox

    Love your book, Mylisa, and loved meeting you here and at retreats, and I’m looking forward to many more overlaps in years to come!!

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  7. Elly Swartz

    To kindness and creativity and all that goes on backstsge! You will be missed. Xoxo

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  8. The industry has some beautiful benefits indeed…and one beautiful benefit was getting to know you 🙂

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  9. I’m sorry to see you go, but so happy about your debut – LOVE your picture book! xoxo

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