Border Collies and Babies—It’s Never Too Soon To Start (plus a giveaway!)

The story I’m about to tell is relevant to Terry Pierce’s MAMA LOVES YOU SO. I promise.

mama-loves-you-so-coverYears ago, my brother got a beautiful border collie puppy. I remember how excited Warren was, and I remember the solemn advice the breeder gave him. It was this: Show the dog everything he’s ever going to see within the first six months of his life. In short, it was Warren and his family’s responsibility to quickly give intelligent, impressionable Comet the information he’d need to thrive.

*presses pause on dog story*

My first professional, if unrequited, love is midwifery. Permit me to geek out for a bit.

The importance of verbally communicating with babies—and I mean from about 6 months gestation onward—cannot be overstated. Auditory function in the human fetus is complete at 7 months. Not only do they hear and respond to outside noises, research suggests babies learn intonation and can develop a basic recognition of words before birth. After birth, newborns rapidly form brain synapses that correspond with their birth language. In fact, studies have shown that young children who leave their birth language behind through immigration or adoption retain an enhanced ability to relearn it. Cool, huh?

Now let’s talk about MAMA LOVES YOU SO. This book, meant for the tiny ears of the tiniest of people, employs exquisitely rich and melodic language. It describes a world that is sparkling, stony, and ablaze. These are words an adult would be happy to use on a given day. MAMA LOVES YOU SO is crammed full of such delicious and nutritious words. It’s a brain-building buffet for babies and a boon to the brave souls who care for them. Baby and Book

Babies are exhausting. I know. I’ve had two babies, and two aren’t many at all. My in-laws had ten. My parents had five. Have I wondered if  I’m a slacker in the baby department? Yes. But that’s not my point.

Babies require mountains of back-breaking, laundry-making, sleep-taking care, and that’s just to keep them alive. We’re also supposed to educate, encourage, and entertain them. While all forms of communication nourish babies’ language readiness, including singing and everyday conversation, it’s challenging to know what to sing or say to a baby all day, every day.

I ask you, how are sleep-deprived people, wracked as they are with desperate love and stabs of anxiety, supposed to dredge up words like ablaze? They need books. They need books to give them words when they are too tired or overwhelmed to think up their own. Their children are primed to quickly learn millions of discrete, dynamic words, and optimally, they’d possess this treasure trove before starting school.  Where language acquisition is concerned, variety isn’t the spice of life, it is life. Books like MAMA LOVES YOU SO are a sure and happy route to that variety.

We must encourage caregivers, all the caregivers, to talk to babies early and often. Encourage them to talk to the belly, to sing to it, explain stuff to it, and for the love of literacy, to read to it. Encourage them to talk to the newborn. To sing. To explain. To read. We can smile at them benevolently when they do all of this in public. If we get the chance, we can give the caregiver a minute to shower and eat something while we talk, sing, explain, and read.

It might be possible to show a puppy everything it’s ever going to see in six months, but it’s impossible for a human newborn. Luckily, we have opposable thumbs, and opposable thumbs are great for making bookstores and libraries. That’s where Terry Pierce’s beautiful and important MAMA LOVES YOU SO can be found, ready and waiting to offer intelligent, impressionable young people information they need to thrive.

*presses play on dog story* 

Comet lived a long and happy life. He understood his world and how to conduct himself in it, thanks to purposeful attention to his formative experiences. May we do the same for each new child. We have longer than six months to accomplish it, but we don’t have forever. It’s never too soon to start.


Terry is giving away a signed copy of MAMA LOVES YOU SO as part of her book launch week. How to enter? Leave a comment below! For every comment you make this week—and please comment only once per day—she’ll enter your name into the giveaway.

Additional resources:

Valerie Garfield, Simon & Schuster editor of MAMA LOVES YOU SO, blogs about reading to and with children.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Enjoy the day,

Hayley's Author PhotoI write for young people and live to make kids laugh. BABYMOON, illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal, celebrates the birth of a new family and is coming from Candlewick Press, spring 2019. WHAT MISS MITCHELL SAW, narrative nonfiction illustrated by Diana Sudyka, is also coming spring 2019 from Simon & Schuster/Beach Lane Books. I’m represented by Ammi-Joan Paquette.



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17 responses to “Border Collies and Babies—It’s Never Too Soon To Start (plus a giveaway!)

  1. I’m happy to learn of this beautiful book, and look forward to finding it to see it more closely. I would love to share with my new-to-mommahood sister!

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  2. pmv2452

    Beautiful and eloquent as always, Hayley. I especially love the Comet part. 😉

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  3. kathalsey

    I knew this was you, Hayley, the minute I began to read this! Such truth! Although I’v never had my own kids, I feed books to my grandson from the minute he came into this world. By 4 he was reading aloud on his own. MAMA LOVES YOU SO sounds lovely.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Cathy Ballou Mealey

    Sparkling, stony and ablaze are ideal words for big and little ears. Lovely advice and a beautiful book!

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  5. Mary Wagley Copp

    Hayley – Beautiful post and reflections. Thank you!

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  6. Excellent advice, Hayley. Thank you for sharing this important information about babies and language acquisition. Wow!

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  7. lovely post Hayley – and it looks like a gorgeous book too!

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  8. Jason Gallaher

    I loved everything about this! As a childless fella, I often forget how critical our work is for the development of lil ones. Fascinating!

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  9. Reblogged this on Terry Pierce and commented:

    Reading to babies is important for many reasons (bonding, brain development, socialization). Today on EMU’s Debuts, Hayley Barrett talks about how my new book, MAMA LOVES YOU SO, can contribute to language development in newborns.

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  10. mariagianferrari

    Lovely post, Hayley!! ❤

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  11. Christina Uss

    If only there were a time machine in my laundry room, I’d grab a copy of MAMA and bring it back to myself ten years ago. Never occurred to me that we can all lean on children’s book authors when we’re wiped out but wanting to bathe our kids in the goodness of beautiful language. Haley, wish you could have written this post to me when my twins were born. Terry, new moms and dads are going to be SO HAPPY you made this for them!

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  12. Love this post, Hayley! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into the “brain-building buffet” that is Terry’s book!

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  13. Looks so sweet! Can’t wait to review…and give to a new mommy!

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