About EMU’s Debuts

Who are we?

We are debut authors who are excited to be setting off down the path toward publication. What is in store for us in the upcoming months? We aren’t entirely sure, but we plan to share that with each other and with the world as we navigate through.

Why are we EMU’s Debuts? Our name comes from the name of our agency, Erin MUrphy Literary Agency. We are all represented by Erin Murphy, Ammi-Joan Paquette, or Tricia Lawrence.

The glorious emu

Why else do we call ourselves EMUs? Here are a few possible reasons:

1) Emus can travel great distances at a fast, economical trot and, if necessary, can sprint at 50 km/h (31 mph) for some distance at a time. LIKE THEM, WE HOPE TO BE ON THE FAST TRACK TO SUCCESS.

2) They are curious and nosy animals who are known to follow and watch other animals and humans. THEY ARE OBSERVANT LIKE WRITERS.

3) Emus do not sleep continuously at night but in several short stints sitting down. WRITERS OFTEN WAKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WITH IDEAS, AND IT FEELS GOOD TO HAVE COMPANY.

There are probably other reasons as well. We’ll let you know when we think of them.

5 responses to “About EMU’s Debuts

  1. Kiwi

    Emu chicks are active as soon as they hatch, and can leave the nest within a few days. Writers are independent and want to see the world, explore, learn

    Emus are awesome. So are writers.

    Emu’s can grow to be 5-6.5 feet in hight. Most writers are within that range.

    Although they are solitary creatures, emus can live in flocks or pairs. DO NOT DESTURB A WRITER WHEN THEY ARE WRITING! writers can sit in a dark, musky room, frozen to the bone, drinking cup after cup of coffee. But beware to all ye who enter. Yet they are fun to talk to and like to blog together.


  2. Joann Collings

    Wow! Knowing our emu’s will keep us abreast of the business with inspiration, hope, and good fortune during long cold winter nights – what motivation and faith.
    Love it!


  3. Wow … a blog that likens EMU to writers! Cool!


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