Laurie Ann Thompson

Laurie Ann Thompson head shotWhen Laurie was about 9 years old, she secretly took the Institute of Children’s Literature’s “aptitude test” that appeared every week in the Sunday paper. When they replied saying they wanted her to pay several hundred dollars to take their course, she was overjoyed! . . . right up until her parents said that was definitely not an option. “But I have aptitude!” she cried. Still no. After pursuing other interests like horseback riding, reading (definitely an option heartily supported by my parents–thanks mom and dad!), and playing too much Dungeons and Dragons, she eventually went to college and got a respectable career as a computer programmer, something for which she also had aptitude but, sadly, no great passion.

Thanks to her children, she finally found her way back to children’s books and writing. She has been a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) since 2005, was co-regional advisor for the SCBWI Western Washington region from 2009-2011, and continues to volunteer on their advisory committee as both Nonfiction Coordinator and Cvent Coordinator. She now writes nonfiction books for kids, and her articles have appeared in Odyssey, Faces, Know, and more. Her first book sold to Schwartz & Wade/Random House in 2012. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook, or visit her at her own web page.


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