Michelle Ray (Charter Member)

Michelle Ray is a founding member of EMU’s Debuts and blogged here from January 2011 through January 2012.

Michelle’s YA novel, FALLING FOR HAMLET (Little, Brown/Poppy; July ’11), was inspired by a particularly amazing production of Hamlet in Washington, D.C.  The show was great and all, but Ophelia’s death annoyed her.  All the way home, all she could think was, “Okay, but what if Ophelia lived?”  A novel was born.

Michelle loves Shakespeare.  Reading it.  Teaching it.  Watching it on stage and film.  She is a true theater person (who refuses to accept such terms as “theater nerd” and “theater geek” because being in shows is awesome!), who sometimes still has to use SparkNotes to understand what’s being said.  She does have other interests, too.  She loves to read YA books, hang out with her kids and husband, see plays, and go to the movies, and visits NYC whenever she can.

She listens to her students and is learning more about technology.  She keeps a page on Facebook (Michelle Ray writer), has a website (michelleraybooks.com), has joined the blogging community (you’re seeing it), and has a phone that . . . just makes phone calls.  Nope, it doesn’t even take pictures.  Her students find this lame, but she’s standing strong.


2 responses to “Michelle Ray (Charter Member)

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