Mike Jung (Charter Member)

Mike Jung has trouble writing about himself in third person, which is probably why his goofy little debut MG novel Geeks, Girls & Secret Identities (forthcoming from Arthur A. Levine Books sometime in the future) is written in first person. Mike has these delusions about writing picture books (even though it makes his head hurt to try) but his wheelhouse probably is middle-grade fiction, especially when it’s about silly things like robots, superheroes, monsters and zombie squirrels. Stuff he can just totally make up without doing any research, in other words.

Mike lives in Oakland, CA with his wife, who generously tolerates his weirdness; his daughter, who despite her callow youth is probably smarter and more socially functional than him already; and his son, who is an infant and therefore keeps his thoughts to himself. Mike runs an imaginary Twitter empire, babbles incoherently on Facebook, and makes inane postings on his own ill-conceived non-Emu blog.

2 responses to “Mike Jung (Charter Member)

  1. Cynthia Levinson

    Hi, Mike. Nice “see” you!


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