Susan Vaught



Susan was born and raised in Mississippi, then Tennessee, and now she lives in Kentucky. She might have a teensy tiny Southern accent, y’all.


Being born in Mississippi (in Oxford, no less) pretty much locks a person into at least TRYING to be an author. Susan started her efforts in third grade, but didn’t succeed in her first publication (a poem) until she was almost through with college. After that, many years went by, and it wasn’t until 2004 that a small press called OnStage Publishing took a risk on her first young adult novel, Fat Tuesday, that the dream started coming true. In 2005, Bloomsbury published Stormwitch, then went on to let her write Trigger, Big Fat Manifesto, and many other books for teen readers.


Then a funny thing started happening. As Susan got older, her writing “voice” got insistently, stubbornly younger. She tried to grab hold of her sharp, snarky side, but the dang thing just kept smoothing its prickly edges. And so, in 2014, Susan wrote and sold her first middle-grade novel, Footer Davis Probably Is Crazy, to Sylvie Frank at Simon and Schuster. So, after 10 years of publishing, she’s back to being a debut author!


One day, she’ll finally write a picture book that isn’t heinously awful. Just wait and see.


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