The Joy of Having A Literary Family

Golly. It felt like just yesterday that I was invited to join the EMUs Debuts group. Within these walls I’ve found support, comfort, wisdom, and joy. I am so lucky.

There’s no greater gift for a writer than the gift of colleagues. The writing life is lonely – it’s a solitary profession, with much angst and middle-of-the-night worries. When I’m writing, I am isolated in my little bubble. Sure, I’m in the company of characters, but they are usually misfits – misguided creatures who are trying to find their way out of sometimes dreadful circumstances. Sitting back in my chair to take a breather makes me realize just how isolated I am.

But I’m not truly isolated when I have friends like the friends I have

If you are just starting out on the path to publication I strongly encourage you to find a group like this one. There are many out there: through SCBWI, through independent groups on Facebook, through your grad program (mine is Vermont College of Fine Arts), through your local writing connections, through debut author collectives. Join. Commiserate. Share. Support. You’ll thank your lucky stars.

Which is what I’m doing right now – thanking all of you here who have given me so much.


IMG_8226bJanet Fox is the author of the recently released THE CHARMED CHILDREN OF ROOKSKILL CASTLE (Viking). Find more about her at




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13 responses to “The Joy of Having A Literary Family

  1. mariagianferrari

    I feel the same way about Emus Debuts and EMLA, Janet :)!!


  2. I am grateful every day for my literary family! It has grown from classmates in an online class to a wonderful sprawling family in real life. Feeling the love today for you, the other EMUs, and EMLA!!


  3. I know what you mean, I feel the same way a out The Sweet Sixteens debut author group I am in 😆
    Sending debut author love to you!


  4. So true! I could have never stayed sane (or on the path) without my literary family! Congratulations to you on your awesome debut!


  5. So happy to be in your family.


  6. Janet, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle. I was riveted while I shivered, both from the chilly weather and the creepiness. I have had the opportunity to turn several kids on to the book also. Great job!
    Becky Hall
    Salt Lake City and SCBWI MT member


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