In It Together



Goodbye often feels like concrete. Hard and unforgiving.  But today, it feels like something else. Something warm and kind and filled with possibility.

On October 18th, my middle grade debut novel, Finding Perfect, found its way into the world. So today it’s my turn to say goodbye to my fellow Emu Debuts. My Emus are so much more than a group of debut authors; they’re a family. A wonderful, loving, supportive writing family. Together, we have traveled the path of publication to our first novels, shared our insecurities, our worries, our excitement and our joy. Together we have learned the power and the gift of the written word. Together we have learned the true mean of dreams come true.  I am beyond grateful for all of their book love and author cheers along the way. I am truly honored to have shared this journey with each and every one of them.


I will miss my Emus, but know in my heart of hearts that they will remain a part of my life. We will continue to share the next steps together. Not in the enclave of the nest, but in our retreats, our pages, and our friendships. So, as my time as an Emu Debut is ending, something else is beginning.  I have faith that this something else will be filled with wonderful reads, amazing friendships, gracious educators, and incredible students. I am excited to see what adventures come next.



Elly Swartz is a middle-grade author. Her debut novel, FINDING PERFECT (FSG October, 2016) is about twelve-year-old Molly, friendships, family, OCD, and a slam poetry competition that will determine everything. She happily lives in Brookline, Massachusetts with her husband, two sons and beagle named Lucy. If you want to connect with Elly or learn more about what she’s working on, you can find her at, on Twitter @ellyswartz or Facebook.


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7 responses to “In It Together

  1. I’ve so loved watching your journey and seeing you blossom! I am so happy FINDING PERFECT has found its way into the hands of readers and will continue to do so. I’ll miss your presence in Emu’s Debuts, but am grateful for our friendship that will undoubtedly continue! xoxoxox

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  2. Elly Swartz

    Your friendship is a gift and our journey is truly a shared one! I can’t wait to celebrate you and Jasmine! So proud of you. xoxo


  3. Enjoy your “post-debut” journey, Elly! I have a feeling you’ll have many more book launches to come! 🙂

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  4. So happy to have been privileged to share this part of the adventure with you, Elly! You will be much missed in the nest, but I can’t wait to see where your path takes you next!

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    • Elly Swartz

      Much thanks, Andrea. I loved sharing the nest with you! And, I know your book will have many champions. I can’t wait to celebrate it and you! xo


  5. katieslivensky

    It’s been wonderful sharing in this journey with you! I’m so glad we’ll always be part of the EMLA family together. 🙂


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