Gladys Gatsby Goes Out


All Four Stars is available now! Read on to find out how to win a signed copy.

In honor of the launch of Tara Dairman’s All Four Stars, Gladys has been dining out with various authors across the United States this week. Here’s what she has to say about that.




Stopped by a nearby Mellow Mushroom ( with local dragon torturer Joshua McCune to try out their Holy Shiitake Pie. Holy Shiitake! This olive oil based pie drizzled with garlic aioli and loaded with a multitude of mushrooms (shiitake, portobello, and button) will expand your belly and make you drool for more.

Four stars!

Try it with avocados for a super creamy treat that hits all the right spots.

2014-07-04-21-33-24_decoAlso sampled (and highly recommended): garlic butter and Parmesan pretzels (with a side of beer cheese) and a Hot Mama (must be 21… Mr. McCune assures me of its blood orange deliciousness).

Gladys traveled out to visit Amy Finnegan for the Fourth of July.



Fancy food can be delicious, but it has no business being on a Fourth of July menu! That’s when it’s time for an all-American BBQ! These pulled pork sandwiches—paired with some smoky baked beans, fluffy Jell-o salad, and some deliciously-salty potato chips—can sure set off some fireworks on a warm summer evening.


Then she was off to spend some time with Lindsey Lane.

gladys recipeWow. I think my even my parents could make this dessert. Smokey Peaches. Super simple. The main ingredient is ripe fresh peaches. Not canned. Not the hard baseball variety in the winter. Peel and slice in a bowl. Add a couple of scoops of raspberry chipotle jam and mix it around. Let it sit while you eat dinner. Serve with a bit of ice cream. Yum.

More dessert was served up by Penny Parker Klostermann.

Gladys and Banana Pudding

Diners are sure to go ape over Bubba’s Banana Pudding. Perfectly ripened bananas are blanketed with a dreamy, creamy pudding, then topped with crunchy cookies for a combination that is sure to please.

And by Jeanne Ryan.

Reviewing the Warm Callebaut Chocolate Brownie at 50 North restaurant, Seattle

Gladys - Brownie
Here’s a dessert where all the parts were made for each other, like a warm day in a cozy hammock with a great book. This brownie is a molten chocolate delight served warm with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce. The combination melts into a swirl of sweet and salty deliciousness on your tongue. I give it four stars–that have ALIGNED.

Megan Morrison even reported that Gladys  reviewed the airline food while enroute.

20140708_093332Gladys thoughtfully tasted every element of the Hawaiian Airlines complimentary fruit plate, then whipped out her notebook and pen to pass judgment. The fruit was inconsistent – some bites firm, sweet, and ripe, others mealy and bland. The cheese was flavorful but a bit rubbery from waiting around in a plastic sleeve. The crackers were fine. For complimentary airline fare, this was a tolerable plate, and the chocolate-covered macadamia nut provided a real high point, so the final score is 2.5 stars.

And because an intrepid food reviewer goes wherever she has to go to sample and review, Gladys even went to Scout camp with Donna Bowman Bratton.

IMG_6565Gladys went to Boy Scout camp in Arkansas last week to see what kind of food is prepared deep in the woods. For some odd reason, my son and his scout friends didn’t invite Gladys to “eat” with them in the dining hall. Go figure! Gladys concentrated on the delectables created for the Scoutmaster cook-off. Our scoutmaster whipped together a sweet, buttery, fruity desert.


Gladys was both amazed and a tad bit frightened by the unique cooking methods used by Boy Scouts. Alan (that’s our scoutmaster’s name) mixed and layered just the right ingredients into a classic dutch oven. Once arranged, the dutch oven was placed into a hot campfire and covered with white-hot coals. There it cooked for 45 minutes. After very carefully removing the dutch oven from the heat, our contest entry, blueppleberry cobbler, was ready for competition.


Gladys wasn’t an official judge, but that didn’t stop her from taste-testing all of the entrees and deserts vying to win the golden apron.  In the end, Gladys agreed that our blueppleberry cobbler had a perfectly caramelized crust that hinted of butter and smoke, and a sweet and fruity filling that harkened memories of holiday pies and fresh air. A real winner! So many eager eaters scooped heaping spoonfuls of the the blueppleberry yumminess, Gladys almost missed having her picture taken with the finished product.  In the end, Gladys declared that blueppleberry cobbler was a four-star, camp-worthy winner, especially when matched with homemade ice cream.

For more reviews by Gladys and a funny, wonderful story, pick up a copy of All Four Stars. Leave a comment and be entered in a drawing for a signed copy.

ALL FOUR STARS coverFor more information about this book visit


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11 responses to “Gladys Gatsby Goes Out

  1. So much deliciousness! Gladys is one busy girl. Lindsey, I’m going to have to try those smoky peaches…. yum.


  2. I am sooooo hungry now! Gladys has the BEST job!


  3. What a fun way to celebrate Gladys! 😀


  4. Parker Peevyhouse

    So hilarious to see Gladys in all these places. I would love to see some kids do this too! A pop-out Gladys with every book? 🙂


  5. This was awesome! Gladys reviewing even the airplane food cracks me up, and seems so very Gladys.


  6. Guys, this is the best thing ever. I am so impressed with the writing and the cutting-out skills!! OMG. And not one, but two smoky desserts? Methinks Gladys has spotted a new trend. YUM.


  7. Lindsey Lane

    Four stars that have aligned=a new culinary benchmark. Love this post.


  8. What a fun way to launch ALL FOUR STARS and Gladys into reader-land. My mouth is watering.


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  10. Oh my–I gave my good iron dutch oven to my cousin. Hope she makes blueberry cobbler.


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