Two Quiet Authors and a Wicked Chatty One


Here is my attempt at my first Vlog–a follow up to our own veteran vlogger, Mike!

Please watch to find out which two famous authors join me in this post. (Although they are quiet–they were probably stuffed after dinner?)

Here is the youtube link:


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7 responses to “Two Quiet Authors and a Wicked Chatty One

  1. jeannie

    Lynda! That was awesome. Your words, as always, are inspirational. Thank you for a humorous spin on an important topic. I love the way you look at things. I’ll keep this with me (may even take another peek or two) this week as I polish my mansuscript for Whispering Pines! Thank you. Jeanne


  2. I think Jane Austen is visualizing being a zombie chicken. Which, in her case, may be very practical.


  3. jam93044

    What a terrific vlog! It is funny, entertaining, heartfelt and contains such an encouraging, hopeful message. Great for aspiring writers and great for those of us thinking about our careers and planning for future endeavors. It is never too late to dream those dreams and work on making them come true. Thanks for the reminder!


  4. Cynthia Levinson

    Lynda, you’ll have to teach me how to vlog so I can respond to you in kind. This was beautiful because it is so YOU.


  5. Natalie Dias Lorenzi

    Lynda, this is so *you*–sincere, funny, kind and warm. Makes me want to meet for coffee. Shall we? :0)


  6. You’re a natural at this, Lynda! What a sweet, funny, inspirational post!

    p.s. I can relate to the horrible first pages incident. Had something similar happen years ago, except that there was gagging involved. Now I can laugh about it.


  7. It’s true, it’s true, I tease you–but I do it with a knowing nudge. 🙂


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